15 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 30 MUSICAL STYLES

  1. In the Late Hours

    Rock the pop
    metal muse twang
    it all together
    on a sultry night
    driving backroads
    windows down
    hair flying
    gravel pinging
    music blasting
    leaves quivering
    mph climbing
    sheriff lurking
    just to get again
    that feeling of
    being younger
    than now but
    still loving
    the beat
    rarely knowing
    the artists
    the groups
    just needing rhythm
    that keeps pace
    with your heart.


    Autumn leaves, falling leaves,
    drifting and gliding serenely;
    red and gold, orange bold,
    all so entrancing, routinely.

    On the ground, their soft sound
    tempers the chill of the morning;
    when the sun lights on one,
    warmth seems to rise without warning.

    Day after day they make my grey heart gay;
    year after year they’re there for me;
    autumn leaves, falling leaves,
    gleam once again and restore me.

  3. S


    Rock and Roll
    Afro Cuban
    New Wave
    Honky Tonk
    It don’t matter.
    Just let the music play on.

  4. THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Music comes to soothe my soul,
    It’s given me a voice.
    and of all the music in the world
    I’m glad I have a choice.
    The sounds around today I fear
    Are not the sweetest sounds I hear.
    They’re not my choice, they’re not my voice
    They’re truly only background noise.
    I love the standards, they’re the best.
    Sinatra, Greco, all the rest,
    they take me back to simple times,
    I love this music quite sublime.
    This music gave birth to other sounds,
    I’m glad that is is still around.

    * They’ve resurrected a favored station here on Buffalo radio. They play the standards and I am enjoying its resurgence. WEBR 1440 is a blast from the past and most welcomed.


    • Amen to these sentiments, albeit for me the main music to recall is Guy Lombardo’s. Your comment about WEBR reminds me that, years ago, a Rochester station (WHAM, I think) had a Saturday night program called “Soft Sounds,” with Henry Mancini’s “Dreamsville” as its opening and closing theme. Wonderful memory, that.

  5. Country Music Fan

    I am a country music fan
    I couldn’t say that, now I can
    To me, it came as quite a shock
    I’ll write this so you’ll understand

    Oh, as a teen, my style was rock
    At parents’ music I would balk
    It sounded whiny and morose
    And it was something I would mock

    Of painful heartbreak was verbose
    Back then I got an overdose
    I could not wait to leave and say
    To country music, adios!

    New station played the other day
    A Christian song I liked—hooray
    It was a country music song
    The tune and words were not cliché

    And though this almost seems so wrong
    I want to write a country song
    To strum a beat of hopeful words
    Oh, yes, I’ll sing my country song

  6. 65 years of music is a lot of music. So much has changed. So much has come and gone. And so much as remained the same, if you know what I mean.

    Through My Musical Ages

    My earliest memories of music
    Was the C&W my mama played
    Good old Hank Williams
    And a lot of Charlie Pride
    That was some really good stuff
    But it just wasn’t quite enough

    Then my grandparents took me in
    And hymns became the norm
    Words for everything in life
    No matter what the storm
    I loved those old time songs
    And I joyfully sang along

    Then along came the Beatles
    The Stones and Dave Clark Five
    Then the 70s peaked the meter
    It was a great time to be alive
    It was the golden age of rock
    And I was part of the flock

    Then disco took the dance floor
    Platform shoes with bellbottom pants
    Silk shirts and the Hustle
    But disco didn’t have a chance
    In no time it had petered out
    What music would be next in route?

    But all that seems so long ago
    So much more has come and gone
    Head bangers, punks and rappers tried
    But all that just seem wrong
    Seemed classic rock would always be
    The very best music for me

    Then as I aged things changed a bit
    Oh, I still loved rock and roll
    But this contemporary stuff was great
    It really touched my weary soul
    Hymns had found a brand new form
    Christian music was reborn

  7. Music Matches Moods

    rock, some punk–
    Ramones, Patti Smith
    Doesn’t it depend on your mood?
    Relax with smooth jazz and a glass of wine–red or white
    Blues confirm your state of mind, help you wallow. Classic rock feels young and
    you know the words.

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