You win some,
    you lose some;
    you reject some,
    you choose some;
    you disgust some,
    you enthuse some;
    but no matter how you do it,
    it’s true, right from the start:
    that however you pursue it,
    you gotta have heart.


    Go to bed, you maniac,
    you over-tired insomniac,

    your bloodshot eyes are really red,
    get off the couch and go to bed.

    The sleep disorders you’ve acquired
    mess with you when you get tired.

    Nearly nodding as you sit
    in your narcoleptic fit,

    anytime and anywhere
    you can sleep, you just don’t care,

    but indeed, you start to nod.
    For about five minutes, but it’s odd

    when your disruptive sleep apnea,
    takes the breath right out of ya.

    In company, you are a bore,
    then you nod to nap, and snore,

    loud enough to wake the dead
    and blast the pillows from your bed,

    causing you to lie awake
    as your RLS makes your legs quake.

    And RBD will surely bring ya
    o’er the edge. It will fling ya

    to the floor on your head,
    you’re no longer in your bed.

    Sleep is an elusive prize
    when gravity affects your eyes

    from wide awake, to fast asleep
    you lay in an exhausted heap,

    Praying for a solid night
    to sleep until dawns early light.

    But alas, you know the scene,
    you won’t fall asleep to dream,

    you’ll just start to toss and turn
    and stay awake ‘til your eyes burn,

    So go to bed, insomniac,
    You over-tired maniac.

    You don’t believe in taking pills,
    to subjugate your slumber ills.

    No one’s worth you losing sleep,
    close your eyes, try counting sheep.

  3. Y

    Wins or Losses?

    Should I feel 
    stuck at home, afraid, or
    connected to my love, blessed with this opportunity?
    Should I feel 
    lonely, sorry for my plight, or
    connected to this shared experience with the world?
    Should I feel
    forsaken, distant from my neighbors, or
    connected to this time to heal our Mother, our planet?
    Should I feel 
    alone, lost in my fear, my aging body, or
    connected to eternity, knowing I am a divine soul.
    Should I feel
    anything but the spiritual truth of things, or
    connected to the certainty that I am one with God?
    With blessings and grace,
    with mind, body, soul,
    that’s how I am,
    that’s how I roll.
    When it looks like the worst,
    and for solace I thirst,
    I just give faith a nod,
    knowing I’m one with God.

  4. The Best

    Destination or journey
    first place or the project itself
    rocks gathered from the creek
    dropped to discover how
    they’d break or even if
    limestone shale Ogallala sandstone

    So you run and run and sweat
    pant pause resume and try
    to reach some goal you’ve set
    in heart and mind that’s tied
    to just survival pushing through
    until at day’s end you reflect

    tick off on your fingers those things
    for which you can be grateful
    the dozens of ears of corn gone
    now kernel by kernel into the freezer
    the crockpot simmering new potatoes
    beneath cheap cuts of beef that
    will tenderize below onions tomatoes

    Just simple things you’ve stuffed into
    your pack as you travelled through
    like those rocks you once dropped
    recording how they shattered and
    how the limestone held firm and
    you smiled then and said I am
    limestone scratched your name
    along the bank in softer shale

    and climbed out to begin it all
    over again the race the journey
    never mind the winning or losing
    just words for measuring something
    you don’t believe in preferring
    the mantra you’ve adopted/adapted
    the best you can do is the best you can do.

  5. W

    The Winners Win

    Life can be cruel
    It’s not as advertised
    Not everyone gets a trophy
    That’s a myth and
    A hard lesson for some

    Still we need to compete
    But no matter what we do
    Life will cast us down
    Over and over again
    And that’s the truth

    Many refuse to try
    Others try and fail
    Then refuse to get up
    While others persevere
    Building strength each time
    Learning from their failures
    Never giving up

    No matter the odds
    No matter the bruises
    No matter the takedowns
    No matter the knockouts
    They get back on their feet
    Eyes fixed on the prize

    Their sacrifices are worthy
    Their quest is justifiable
    They know the rewards
    They are the winners
    And they will win

  6. A Winner

    It’s easy to feel like a loser
    when you rarely win
    at sporting events,
    various contests or
    even charity raffles.
    But if you improve
    in areas of your life
    you are a winner.

  7. Loser Day

    Four placements
    are placed
    in the wash,
    then hung to dry.
    Up come three.
    Big mystery.

    Later same day,
    my favorite
    water glass
    takes a plunge–
    I lunge too late.
    Liquid and glass
    covers the floor,
    runs under the stove.
    Collect glass,
    sop up water,
    vacuum every
    nook and cranny
    three times,
    while keeping
    dogs at bay.

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