24 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 28 AFTER THE WORKOUT

  1. C

    An Exercise in Fulfillment

    I am done
    with the big things,
    like trying to understand
    the meaning of life.
    All that’s left for me
    is to try to
    be kind.
    As often as possible.
    But first,
    it’s time for a shower.
    Small tasks matter.

  2. IN THE DISTANCE, by Walter J Wojtanik

    You reached out from afar to touch
    so many places that needed touching.
    So much attention diverted,
    I have been alerted, aroused
    and brought to a new consciousness.
    It’s best that I pour gasoline
    on this smolder, to change colder
    to freaking steamy hot!
    I’ve gotten raised to a new height
    even right before you could lay
    your eyes on me. Yet I can see
    the possibilities to please and
    pleasure, a golden treasure
    to bury deeply, X marks the spot.
    I can dig it from here.

  3. SPRING, by Walter J Wojtanik

    The earth comes to life.
    More robust and hearty.
    Departing is the frozen pall
    and all beneath her surface emerges,
    surges of sunlight bathe,
    a shower to awaken.


    Hot days
    send my senses
    toward scents and visions
    of scenes of soothing, showering

  5. .
    Throw me the Towel

    The race is never over until
    the final breath is exhaled

    No time to sit on our haunches
    as long as one soul needs the Truth

    We are commanded to tell others
    of the love of God and the truth
    of His One and Only Son
    even if they reject our efforts

    Eternity lies in the balance
    Eternity, to us, is a reality
    Eternity is a choice we all make

    The race is a daily struggle
    But God will provide the fuel
    He will provide the desire
    Eternity will provide the incentive

    The time has come to be active
    Put on those spirit filled shoes
    Join us in our essential efforts
    Tell the world the end is coming
    before you exhale your last breath

    Then when you walk through The Gate
    you can tell the Gatekeeper
    you’ve run the race well and
    you need a good shower, so
    “Throw me the towel!”

    • All we can do is run the best race we can, according to the rules as they stand. Run the good race. Your shower and towel awaits you, Earl. It awaits us all if we choose it to!

  6. Sauna Air

    The sauna air
    outside leaves him
    with no taste
    for exercise. He
    takes a break, rides
    a wave in the ocean,
    lotion spread thickly.
    He turns sickly when
    lifeguard’s whistle
    sounds. Everyone Out!
    We have spotted
    a shark!

  7. Drops

    Heat shimmers from the concrete
    and sun glares off the water
    in the blue pool at the club

    deserted now in August heat
    except for the woman stretched
    on the lounge chair beneath

    her enormous straw hat
    in the umbrella’s shade
    on her striped towel

    She comes daily at two o clock
    slips off her beach robe and
    dangles her feet in the water

    before she goes to recline
    as if waiting for someone
    who’s yet to come but still

    she hopes and this is where
    he said he’d meet her after
    that first time when they swam

    into the deep end and she knew
    he meant what he said as she
    gazed into eyes bluer than the water

    but the day and hour nebulous
    for assignation as this heat
    she can’t fist in her hand

    or this water you can’t really hold
    drops running down
    her long legs, her face.

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