As we practiced social distancing, restaurants resorted to moving the dining experience outdoors. Patios emerged where there weren’t any. Streets were cordoned off and seating was extended into the resulting space. And there were the ever-present food trucks to contend with. Even a backyard wienie roast sufficed to keep the ambiance strictly airy! Take us on that dining experience (picnic is included) and express it in your words.

32 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 26 OUTDOOR DINING

  1. S

    Recalling Picnics of Long Ago

    So many voices,
    so many choices.
    Where would it be?
    What should we do?
    Would there be many?
    Would there be few?
    At the beach with a peach,
    or in the park with a lark,
    a twosome romantic,
    or a group trip pedantic?
    Potato salad, fruit salad (hugs),
    chicken salad, tofu salad (ughs).
    the kind mom made,
    or ice cold beer,
    which dad held dear.
    Hummus and crackers,
    or, better by far,
    black bean salsa,
    Texas Caviar.
    As for the games,
    there’d be none
    called a loss,
    from a three-legged race
    to a messy egg toss.
    There was badminton, Frisbee,
    horseshoes as well,
    and the pie-eating winner
    would be easy to tell.
    Whatever the choices,
    we just got out in the sun,
    and never forgot,
    it was supposed to be fun.

  2. Grill Master

    I am the master
    Of my infrared grill
    I clean it and light it
    And throw on the meat
    I watch it intently
    No burnt meat for me
    When it hits perfection
    We eat our meat treats

  3. I remember picnics as a child and in many places that I’ve lived, but they’re no longer part of our lives here in Florida. Too many fire ants from the grass, and the sand tends to get in the food at the beach. So……..

    BBQ Grub

    Picnics in Florida
    Ain’t a delight
    At least picnics on the ground
    It’s just no fun
    When fire ants bite
    And them critters are all around

    But we’ll go outside
    To grill us some meat
    The rest of the fixin’s are inside
    Barbequed grub
    Is our picnic treat
    We eat ‘til we’re all satisfied

  4. Cookout Back Then

    I’d love to have an old time wiener roast
    like we had when I was a kid.
    We started early hunting green sticks in the woods.
    Building a place for the fire with stones all around.
    Inviting the whole neighborhood.
    Hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, condiments
    Potato salad, macaroni salad, pickled eggs
    Cookies, chips, maybe a pie or cake or two
    Marshmallows which we’d burn black.
    We’d play badminton and soft ball
    Hide and seek and sardines.
    Later, we’d bring out the guitar
    and we’d sing all those old camp songs
    until the fire smoldered and went out.


    A boxed picnic lunch for the road.
    A bladder about to explode.
    “Are we almost there?”
    BOOM! There goes our spare.
    And we’ve not even left our zip code.

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

  6. SPOON UP THE BEANS, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Summertime fare without a care,
    (Though I wish that somebody would open the fair)
    To the backyard we all gather
    Distancing as much as we surely should.
    And a hamburger certainly would taste good.
    Cheese and mustard, onion and pickle,
    I’ll top it off with a cold popsicle.
    But I’ll decide to have a side of smoky baked beans.
    Slightly sweet it will complete this
    Homemade barbecue scene!

  7. In the Back Yard

    Sometimes on a slow day
    when there was no wash
    on the lines and house trash
    had burned down to pulsing embers

    we’d throw on a log or two
    and wail for coals then spear
    our Wonder Bread on the weenie fork
    and toast until it tinted a bit black

    take it back into the house and
    spread on oleo and fold it in half
    adding fresh leaf lettuce
    if we had some then eating half

    in a single bite already knowing
    one piece was not enough to call
    a real lunch but better than
    another round of Longhorn cheese

    when we’d have it with mush
    for supper so we rustled open
    the bread wrapper again and
    headed to the trash burner.

  8. The Street

    Tiny restaurants
    are fronted by
    two or three
    tables on the
    With current
    heat wave, I was
    astounded to see
    people eating
    outdoors. Some
    places put up
    tents, some extended
    awnings. By far,
    the strangest sight
    is around the corner,
    where a Japanese/Korean
    B-B-Q restaurant placed
    tables in a section
    of their parking lot.
    They strung lights,
    and placed flower
    pots artfully around
    the perimeter, but
    dining with your back
    to a dumpster leaves
    much to be desired.
    I’ll stay in.

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