Who is/was your favorite actor? Or what character did they portray that caught your eye? Or who wasn’t all that in your opinion?

Write a tribute if you appreciated their work.

Write a critical poem if they sucked like a Hoover!



    A woman was nothing unless she was one
    portrayed to the nines by one Irene Dunne,

    a beauty who still would consent to the bother
    of playing Lavinia in Day’s Life with Father;

    who played, in Roberta, a Russian of royalty
    who sang “Yesterdays” as a token of loyalty;

    who lived on a Show Boat and was willing to go
    into battle as a pilot in A Guy Named Joe;

    who yet could be funny, with the glee of a child
    while playing the lead in Theodora Goes Wild.

    However, for me, she was best in the drama
    of a mother from Norway in I Remember Mama.

  2. S


    If you’ve seen me on the ‘Net,
    you’ll easily guess, I bet,
    that my favorite of all acting men
    is my lookalike, Edmund Gwenn.
    Though undersized, at five-foot-five,
    he performed miracles,
    Bringing Santa alive.
    For a few years he did tarry,
    then told us about
    The Trouble with Harry.
    Ford Theater, Playhouse 90,
    Science Fiction, Alfred Hitchcock,
    they all gave him
    a turn around their block,
    and, to the best of my knowledge,
    he carried the lead in
    Bongo Goes to College.
    So many roles
    that I can recall,
    but my favorite remains
    the best Santa of all.

  3. I love movies. I have since the first time I went to the Temple Theater in Market Square in Houlton, Maine, to see A Hard Day’s Night in 1964.

    And the Earl Award Goes To….

    So many trophies on the table
    For actors and actresses alike
    That’s right, I said actresses
    There’ll be no PC here
    This is my award show after all

    In the Tough Guy category I’m
    Inclined to give more than one
    Stallone nailed Rocky and Rambo
    Craig outdid his predecessors
    And Cruse crushed the impossible

    Then we come to the Man’s Men
    Like Eastwood and his 44 Magnum
    The one and only Captain America
    Anything with Bruce Willis and
    We could never forget The Rock

    In the Everyday Man category
    Bradley Cooper sets the pace
    Russell Crowe is very versatile
    I must say I admire Hanks but
    Sorely miss Robin William’s humor

    In the Tough Gals category
    The Hunger Games lead is a must
    Then Kidman for her many roles
    Johansson is all over the screen
    And wow, Cate Blanchett is the bomb

    And now for the Woman’s Woman
    Ya just gotta love Emma Stone
    Bullock and Streep can play any part
    Helen Mirren is getting better and better
    And Judi Dench has decades of greats

    But if you want and Everyday Woman
    Amy Adams and Winslet fit the bill
    Zoe Saldana rocks every roll
    While Weisz and Portman entertain
    But Knightly is slightly better

    Those are just some of my favorites
    But I’ve run out of trophies it seems
    Too many for honorable mentions
    Let’s just say when it comes to acting
    So many are great at their craft

  4. DIRTY RATS WITH ANGEL FACES, by Walter J Wojtanik

    I love my films in black and white.
    I used to stay up weekend nights
    To watch the late, late show.

    I loved them all,
    I heard their call,
    To the movies I will go.

    Lancaster, Kelly, Sinatra,
    Turner, Crawford, Fontaine
    All filled the screen, you know.

    But James Cagney was my favorite,
    I’d watch him every night,
    His characters would flow!

    He played both sides of the law,
    Both sides of the fence
    And the critics, they would glow.

    Tom Powers and Cody Jarrett,
    Rocky Sullivan and Lon Chaney,
    And his portrayal of GM Cohan was a dandy!

  5. John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart

    still have my admiration
    both for the men they were
    and for the roles they played

    those black and white films
    yet resonating with the triumph
    of good over evil and that
    rare quality of being self-effacing

    of taking on dilemmas larger
    than life and somehow making them
    seem surmountable peopled with
    men and women of good character

    standing tall against western skies
    clapboard houses weathering like
    like their old souls, a bit splintered
    but steadfast till the end.

  6. Actors and Roles

    Paul Newman
    sexy blue eyes
    in Long Hot Summer

    Natalie Wood
    first to understand
    in Rebel Without a Cause

    Morgan Freeman
    in so many roles
    without Driving Miss Daisy

    Diane Keaton
    shines in all,
    especially in Annie Hall

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