Today we’re holding court. Food Court.

You be the judge. Are you guilty for the pizza? Does the Mandarin Wok entice you? Souvlaki? A burger and fries?

What is your preference for a quick bite while trolling the mall? Write of the delectable food that satisfies your rumblings.


23 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 24 COURT IS IN SESSION

  1. A SLICE OR TWO, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Truth be told,
    I avoid the Mall at all costs
    unless the boss strongly insists.
    Even if I resist,
    you’ll find me there on occasion.
    I find myself trudging along
    like I was on a death march
    and my arches are killing me.
    It’s my ploy, you see,
    that I get tired around the food court.
    I grab a seat, and rub my feet
    eyeing up the fare that is there.
    Usually a slice or two will do,
    to tide me over and keep me
    from moving for a while.
    I watch the people and smile.
    For in those moments of this stopping,
    I am no longer “shopping”.
    And even in that brief respite,
    I take comfort, until the trudge resumes!

  2. HOT DOG!

    Nothing says “summer” like a supper or lunch
    that features a hot dog you can eat with a crunch,
    and so I select, and I kid you not,
    the delicacy of a pop-open white hot.

    On a night that is brilliant with its Vegas or Rigels,
    that means that I must have a hot dog from Zweigles;
    for even in winter, when sweaty it’s not,
    there’s nothing that beats a tasty white hot.

    What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of `em?
    You wouldn’t say that if you ate just a third of `em.
    You simply haven’t lived; in this life you are not
    unless you have tasted a pop-open white hot.

  3. Summertime Sweets


    Summer is for outsides,
    not for malls, movies, and such.

    Summer is for ice cream,
    watermelon, and mint tea,
    enjoyed under the shade
    of a large tree.
    A gentle breeze
    adds to the enjoyment
    of all-too-fleeting warm days
    before sharp winds of winter.

  4. M

    Let’s Go Malling

    Eating in the mall,
    I recall it all.
    A slice was really nice,
    and, okay, popcorn,
    even in the morn.
    Cotton candy was just dandy,
    Orange Julius
    made me droolious.
    If rice would make the day,
    Panda Express had much to say.
    But the best I ever ate,
    morning, noon or late,
    was in that Marin County space
    they call Northgate.
    A short menu,
    but my oh my,
    so delicious was a Royal Thai.
    Servings more than I could eat,
    with just the right amount of heat.
    I now live 500 miles away,
    but someday…someday.

  5. Chicken Curry and Rice

    Who ever thought of curry and rice?
    Could they imagine it would be my vice,
    at a food court in a shopping mall,
    surrounded by people ignoring all
    to savor the chicken and flavorful curry,
    as they’d saunter by in no hurry?
    Wound they every think it would be such a hit?
    That I would devour it to the last bitty bit?

  6. I don’t go to the malls at all like I used to, because their intrigue and flare have been missing for quite some time, AND they’re way overpriced. But in their heyday, the food courts were the epicenter of it all.

    Food Court Lunch

    Out on the town making rounds
    Hunger hits near the local mall
    Something inside is calling my name
    Just have to figure out which one
    So many options to choose from

    Sbarros pizza used to be my fav
    But it’s been gone for a while
    The Greek place never interested me
    Oh, look! It’s long gone, too
    I guess I haven’t been here in a while

    The teriyaki chicken place is cooking
    No surprise there because it’s delish
    And Chic-fil-A has their usual line
    Can’t go wrong with CFA’s offerings
    Maybe that will be my lunch

    But as I neared the CFA counter
    An old familiar scent caught my nose
    Just around the corner was my favorite
    Knotted neatly and toasted to perfection
    Cinnamon covered with caramel dip

    My hunger pangs were satisfied
    As I wiped the last drip of caramel dip
    Checked my shirt for lingering fallout
    Downed my cup of unsweetened tea
    And exited the food court a happy man

  7. Too Many Choices

    Too many scents,
    too many voices,
    children bent
    on consuming all choices.

    Nathan’s hot dog–
    you do the fixins’,
    my minds in a fog
    where chicken smells delicious.

    Counter to counter
    I stroll, reading menus.
    Pizza, I’m in doubt of,
    Japanese, says my nephew.

    Can’t make up my mind,
    so I step away.
    Ah, Aunt Annie’s in time–
    hot, soft pretzel makes my day.

  8. At the Great Mall

    We steered past blazing marquees
    avoided the noxiously noisy food court
    to zero right in on Auntie Anne’s
    homemade hot pretzels
    dripping with her cheesy sauce

    stood in the aisle and ate
    bite after bite savoring
    those big grains of salt
    dotting the shiny brown crust
    gingerly munching steaming dough

    Hers was a tiny place wedged
    against the popular Topsy’s Popcorn
    easily bypassed although we dreamed
    of a Christmas tin brought home
    from work maybe caramel or cinnamon

    but dreams don’t fill tummies
    and Auntie Anne’s was lunch
    before we searched for school shoes
    heavy socks for soccer, licks lipped again
    and again for a last bit of gooey cheese.

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