This Poem-A-Day road on which we’ve embarked has been touted as NOT a challenge and NOT a competition, and so we aren’t. But the sports which we’ve been without for this pandemic are nothing if not a compete situation. So we’ll write a “compete” poem. Competing to survive is always a good place to start.

21 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 21 WHAT NO COMPETE CLAUSE?

  1. NO COMPETE CLAUSE, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Another chance offered
    I proffer my poetry,
    it’s all I have in me.

    I tell myself each time
    I will hold onto my rhyme,
    let these challenges be.

    I’ll sound repetitive,
    but I’m not competitive
    despite my poetic voice.

    I’ll never be the first choice,
    I’m seldom in the top ten,
    yet I submit again and again.

    Old Laureates never die,
    they just lose their form,
    sweaters keep their muses warm.

    And so, I’ll write my rhymes, so sweet,
    for the joy, not to complete,
    and stay home to pen my tome.

  2. Oh, Yes

    Perhaps my mind’s a handball
    court or a bright green ping-pong table
    with the crooked net bracket where
    I hooked my only uniform skirt
    mended it by hand in the lamp dark
    that night my mother being against
    all forms of sports and competition

    But now I set parameters
    boundary lines for in’s and out’s
    ways to slam the ball home
    my words too often sliding
    into the grass at onlookers’ feet
    lost in turf instead of locking onto
    minds and hearts the way
    they first poured out of mine

    Yet still I send them forth like a flock
    of gowned graduates into the world
    trusting that somewhere someone
    will get the bottled messages
    and pulling out the battered corks
    unfurl the scroll and say Oh yes, Oh yes.

  3. O


    Sitting quietly, observing
    hungry, diving birds,
    viewing my laptop screen
    at a backyard table,
    reading variable speed poets
    warping and weaving,
    neatly creating their art.
    Not so much competitors,
    more partners in the
    need to express.

    They must write
    or they’ll fade, those
    big-hearted bards,
    one hundred
    July images per hour.
    Poetic Bloomings
    becomes their stage,
    fulfilling their longing
    for what’s due
    their flowing thoughts,
    yet loving each other’s works,
    competitors not at all.

  4. .
    I’m Open

    Competition is a lifelong struggle
    We compete daily against the odds
    So many competitions could be final
    That is, if we didn’t depend on God

    Life is the purpose of our efforts
    Death lays wait at every turn
    We compete for our own survival
    With each victory a new lesson we learn

    But not all competitions are obvious
    Some sneak up on us from the rear
    They cheat and then make their own rules
    They depend on confusion and fear

    Too many choose not to get involved
    They just ride the bench, so to speak
    And their life gets absolutely nowhere
    They are scared and apprehensively weak

    For me I’m all in this competition
    So far I’ve managed to avoid Death’s call
    With God to protect me I march forward
    I’m open, so pass me that ball

  5. Compete

    C hallenge each other
    O ne on one
    M ake your best effort
    P lay fairly and with joy
    E ncourage each other
    T ake It a moment at a time
    E nd in victory—whether you win or lose

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