You are the Lifeguard in the big chair here at Poetic Bloomings Beach.

Your Ray Bans are perched, your whistle is tethered and your flotation device is nearby. Life is nothing like Baywatch.

What is within you view? Write your observation and don’t forget the sunscreen.

38 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 19 SCANNING THE HORIZON

  1. S

    From a Distance

    I sit and think,
    oh, to be a child
    at the ocean.
    Smells good.
    Sounds good.
    Feels good.
    Is good.
    I close my eyes,
    I’m just a drop
    in the sea of life.
    Then I recall,
    the infinite 
    also includes me.
    Then I remember
    to laugh.

  2. The Storm

    On the far horizon a storm is brewing
    A storm unlike any we’ve ever witnessed
    A torrent that will surely separate
    the weak from the strong
    the evil from the good
    and the lost from the saved

    Are you ready?

  3. BLUE HORIZON, by Walter J Wojtanik

    I return with regularity. To empty my mind; to achieve clarity. And it is a rarity that I can attain both. But along this shoreline, life reveals itself. It pulls memories from my mental shelves and splays them before me in these azure skies. Sights for my weary eyes, it is no surprise that I return. These thoughts inspire by my mind’s mire!

    I find a place, a space where I can plant myself. And vacate the moment, searching the horizon for some semblance of beauty that reminds me of you. The sky is blue. But, it is not maudlin, nor melancholy. Brilliant and bright and jolly, cloud pocked and wholly enveloping. And portraits of you start developing in my heart.

    seagulls take their terns
    we are birds of a feather
    we soar to the clouds

  4. From the Lifeguard Chair

    The ocean breathes in and out.
    Hear the voices, children shout.
    Smell the salt spray and the lotion.
    I taste the sweat of my devotion
    as I watch from lifeguard chair.

    The ocean scares children back to sand.
    Lovers walk by hand in hand.
    Sandpipers speed past on spindly legs.
    An excited dogs sniffs and begs.
    Teens venture out as they dare .

    The ocean breathes out and in
    while the sun warms up my skin.
    Up and down the people scuttle
    like hermit crabs all a-muddle.
    Sea gulls scout for their fair share.

    The ocean sounds like cars rushing by.
    The sea gulls laugh with their harsh cry.
    Under umbrellas, people look at phones.
    Why didn’t they leave them at their homes?
    There are other things at which to stare.

    • Excellent, Connie.

      The sandpipers brought a smile to my face. When we lived in Naples, I got such a kick out of watching the sandpipers. They would scurry down to the water’s edge, but didn’t like getting their feet wet. So when the waves came in, they would hurry their little selves right back up the beach, as far from the water as they could quickly get. They repeated that routine over and over and over. So comical!

    • That fascination with little electronic toys escapes me. Why didn’t they leave themselves home as well? Such great creations around us and we miss the “bigger” picture. Great write, Connie!


    Night in Gale
    Not for Sail
    All for Knot
    My Other Spouse
    She Got the House
    At The Office
    All My Profits
    Floatin’ Hoax
    And Yachts All, Folks!

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

    My husband mentioned one he has seen called the Eriegardless. Wanted to use that so bad, but can’t think of how to rhyme it! 😀

  6. Orlando

    Leaden skies
    leaden Atlantic

    just the curl
    of incoming surf

    just the curl
    of disappearing white clouds

    the scallop of brewing storm cells
    the scallop of churning waves

    the whump of umbrellas blowing over
    the thud of feet in sand

    people scurrying to clear the beach
    gulls diving for one last fish

    where sky meets sea
    last light vanishing vanishing

  7. From Up Here

    Poor kid looks like a butterfly,
    yellow water wings-cinch to spy.
    Look at that bikini–oh my!
    She caught my eye! She caught my eye!

    He’s a regular in striped suit,
    tight red and black lines, gut to boot.
    Sights from up here are quite a hoot.
    The girls are cute! The girls are cute!

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