Please seat yourself. Your server will be with you shortly. While you’re waiting feel free to peruse our restaurant. Do you see anything you like? Write a poem about something you’ll find in a restaurant. Animate or not, all is fair game for this prompt. And don’t forget to tip your server!

39 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 18 LEAVING A TIP


    It is hot, and I am not in the mood for shenanigans;
    you are hot, and in the mood for one hell of a brannigan;
    if your hand doesn’t move from my arm, your kisser will be hash.

  2. CUPPA JOE, by Walter J Wojtanik

    From my seat there’s so much to see
    But For me, my little eye spies
    The object of my addiction.
    Darkly brewed and piping hot
    Sitting staidly in its pot.
    Cup-by-cup, it’s going down.
    I’ll savor every gulp and sip,
    I watch the pot fill drip-by-drip.
    You urn my praise, my dark elixir!
    The drink for me, so much to see!

  3. A Visit to Galaxies Restaurant


    I wait for a menu in this new place.
    Eclectic pictures fill one wall—
    no correlation between them.
    Dark charcoal walls kill some of the light
    from the wall of windows facing the street.
    Chairs placed too closely for Coved guidelines.
    Gentle jazz plays in the background
    while my stomach rumbles.

    Scent of saffron and ginger drifts through the air.
    Remnants of peppermint toothpaste lingers.
    Makes me hungrier.

    I glance at my watch.
    Eleven-forty five.
    Where are the people?
    Where is the friend I promised to meet
    At eleven-thirty?

    Wait till noon.
    Still no waitress.
    I shoulder my purse
    and leave.


    There’s autographs on hotdog buns
    And photographs (not everyone’s)
    From Reynolds (Burt, the brazen flirt
    And unembarrassed extrovert)
    To presidents, and Mister Rogers.
    But my favorite is my father’s.
    To see his autograph displayed,
    Drums sitting there that he had played,
    And memories that flood my head …
    Well, that’s what makes me leave well fed.

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

  5. In the Diner

    we order biscuits and gravy
    a half-order for you
    on a small white platter

    black pepper peeking through a sausage
    roux onto those floury biscuits
    only found in small towns

    you have your large print magazine
    turned to the arts section
    in the booth ahead, your hair
    perfectly fluffed, your glasses
    au courant. I wonder how
    you’ve come to treat yourself
    to breakfast out today as you
    tell the waitress, when

    it’s just an ordinary Tuesday
    as we get gas for mowers, mail
    letters, head to the county
    transfer station to drop off recycling
    and hurry through this meal

    as you sip another cup of decaf
    and I wonder where you’ll go
    this week perhaps smiling and clapping
    as the playhouse curtain goes up,
    making something out of the ordinary.

  6. Ambience

    Music of Italy backgrounds
    the restaurant, adding
    ambience. As I wait
    for my Caesar Salad,
    I gaze at the surrounding
    walls. Paintings of Venice,
    Florence, and Rome adorn.
    Look! There’s the canal,
    and see the Uffizi? Remember
    when we visited, and tried
    to take it in all the breath-
    taking art in one night? On
    the far wall, the Trevi Fountain
    stands glorious, romantic
    as day deepens to evening.
    Music and art in my Italian
    restaurant, bring back
    a spectacular vacation. And,
    just for a moment, I am there.

  7. In Light from the Window

    My friend comes to me
    to take my order
    and in a soft voice,
    asks why I’ve changed
    from the normal fare,
    but I order the usual drink.
    Old conversations replay
    on a Sunday afternoon
    familiar passages of words shared.
    She laughs at the mention
    of a joke once told.
    She tells me she’s moved
    to be closer, but for a moment
    seems nervous, walking around
    the table without a word,
    until she takes a selfie of us together,
    a time to remember.

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