We’re heading back to the gym. Today we are lifting weights (waits). So prepare to bulk up on your rhyme, because we’re writing a “waiting” poem. Or if you choose, an “uplifting” poem (we can surely use one about now!) Either way, I am here to pump you up!

38 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 12 BACK TO THE GYM

  1. As the flowers

    Lift your head
    as flowers do
    when they tilt their faces toward the sun

    Lift your eyes
    as birds when they trill
    from treetops
    listen to their song

    Lift your eyes
    watch clouds moving across the sky
    changing shape as they travel
    east to west or south to north

    Lift your eyes to the skies
    feel the air moving in currents
    from calm to storm
    from light to dark
    and back again

    Lift your eyes to the skies
    and count the colours of the rainbow
    purples, blues and greens
    and as it fades
    remember its promise

    Lift your eyes to the sky
    as flowers do
    to catch sun’s rays
    and behold the wonder of the heavens
    and the One who made them.

    © Carolyn Wilker 2020

    Lemon Bars and Laundry
    waiting on the bake
    while the dryer spins

    the weight of chores
    lightened by outcomes
    fresh linens gooey squares

    these days and maybe
    every day we have to
    lift ourselves up

    find ways to celebrate
    going uptrail to the high gardens
    pulling beets and onions

    watering and weeding
    dead heading basil and
    parsley re-growing after

    feeding and entire family
    of insatiable swallowtail caterpillars
    their slick green and black bodies

    their waiting soon as wrapped
    chrysalises before the dawning
    of painted wings fanning breezes

    lemon bars and laundry uplifting
    the ordinary into something worth
    the wait the daily challenge.

  3. L

    Use Your Legs

    My bones are better than they once were,
    fragile as a child, broken as a young adult,
    strengthened now by age, by effort.
    My eyes see more, and better too.
    When they’re tired, they rest,
    not needing to gather every word,
    sometimes happy to simply watch
    a young couple in love and joy stroll by.
    My back and knees know how to bend,
    how to lift, how to stay away
    from trouble in its many forms,
    as my ears no longer hear
    the proud demands of youth and rage.
    The sky is bluer than it’s ever been
    and I have yet to see a lake that did not calm me.
    I am warmed by the sun of the West,
    can’t wait to see what each new day brings.

  4. .

    And…… I Wait

    And…. I wait!
    Keys in hand at the front door
    Ready to head to the next destination
    A trip near or far it’s always the same
    But she hates to forget anything

    And….. I wait!
    The Man Chair is uncomfortable
    While holding her big beige purse
    That clashes with my blue shirt
    How many things is she trying on?

    And…. I wait!
    Ninety Six degrees at mid-day I sit
    With the AC blasting loudly while
    She disappears into the I-10 rest stop
    Did she fall asleep on the pot?

    And…. I wait!
    This time while holding her hand
    We’ve arrived for a few days of fun
    And lots of lines for us to wait in
    But together we don’t really mind

    The waiting is always worth it
    As long as I’m waiting for her or
    With her as it sometimes happens
    For together we are the bestest

    But one day, if I go home first,
    After I meet Jesus and get settled
    In my forever home in Heaven,
    I’ll wait for her one last time
    At the Gate

    © 2020 Earl Parsons

  5. CUT BACK ON THE NOISE, by Walter J Wojtanik

    I pity the world.
    It seems it’s cheese has slipped
    off of its cracker.
    For lack of a better term,
    we’ve turned deaf and indifferent.
    We need to turn the volume down
    so we can hear what others are saying.
    I’m praying that we can resolve
    any issue we need to solve.
    We are all the same.
    Flesh and blood and of a mood
    to join in unity, a loving community
    where all people can hash out
    our differences without thrashing
    each other in a bloody mess.
    My guess is we will someday
    all live Dr. King’s dream.
    The content of our character matters,
    our skin color, not so much.
    And as such, we are all the same.
    We are all to blame for the problems
    we face. We should not destroy,
    destroy or deface, but place our trust
    in the God in which we believe,
    and leave it in His hands.
    As it stands let’s engage in civil debate.
    All we can do is wait!


    I lift up my eyes
    to The One who created
    all the eye can see.

    I lift up my voice
    to He who gives me song, and
    longs to hear from me.

    Then the tears well up –
    The very God who made us
    longs to hear from us.

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

  7. Waiting on God

    Sometimes it’s difficult to wait on God
    when he views a day as a thousand years,
    and a thousand years as a day.
    He makes promises and surely keeps them,
    but that may not be till we’re dead.
    Abraham had to wait till he was one hundred
    to see his promised offspring.
    God promised Simeon that he’d see the Messiah
    before he died, and he did, but he was very old.
    God doesn’t view things the way we do.
    He’s like Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia
    saying, “He has died. Most people have, you know.
    Even I have. There are very few who haven’t.”
    I know He loves me and answers my prayers,
    but here’s to trusting His timing.

  8. Waiting, wondering —
    waiting for this cloud/this fog
    to lift, the heavy weight
    to lighten, its burden
    no longer over-

    We can only imagine what
    lies in wait for us during
    this darkness that passes for day,
    a mystery we can’t help but seek,
    even as it pushes us out of its way.

    Some days we begin to sense the light,
    hidden deep in our very being,
    but for now, all we can do is hold on,
    ready and waiting for something,
    some brightness to appear, a
    tiny miracle in our ever-
    darkening world.

  9. Let Me In

    Let me back in
    to the gym. I am
    near to fearing
    that I have forgotten
    how to use the equipment.
    Not motivated at home,
    though the chair exercises
    are immediately at hand.
    Even the boringness
    of the treadmill would
    suffice. Gym is reliable
    for icy temperature,
    a welcome break from not
    having air conditioning
    for the past few days.
    My Mind feels hazy as the
    heat outdoors. Let me
    back in. Please!

  10. Waiting

    Waiting in line
    at the BMV
    six feet apart,
    in ninety degrees,
    line meandering
    around the building,
    woman complains,
    we all feel the strain
    of a new kind of strife
    in this new kind of life

    Two hours in line
    feeling confined,
    PTSD kicks in
    and I’ve lost hope again,
    the panic,
    the flashbacks,
    the war raging within,
    desire to feel needle prick skin,
    shaking, longing to be free,
    feet wanting to flee.

    Lifting eyes to above,
    I plead and I pray
    to the One who will stay
    if I fail and fall,
    if I lose it all
    or if I refuse to numb,
    but in Him overcome.
    He welcomes me in
    to His grace-filled sea
    assures I’m not alone
    nor ever will be.

    Line moves ahead,
    I walk on with dread
    till I sit in the room
    praying I won’t be consumed
    with the panic that’s near
    or the fight with my fears.
    Reciting His perfect Word,
    reminded He cares for me,
    like the smallest of birds.
    through His promises sure
    He gives me strength to endure.

    Walking away
    renewed license in hand,
    knowing God’s love
    and help from above
    has won battles in me
    no one else ever will see.

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