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All sports leagues suspended play during the COVID-19 pandemic. Odds are slim that play will resume anytime soon or in a form we’ll recognize. What sport, if any, do you miss? Do you miss them at all? Do you revel in having your “Sundays” back? Present a poem of the sport you miss or wished stayed permanently away. You can even write that carefree Sunday afternoon. Just be a sport about it and write without malice, Alice! Poem On!


  1. NO, NOT MUCH, By Walter J Wojtanik

    Do I miss you?
    No, not much.
    You, with your million dollar smiles,
    And your rebellious wiles,
    I would watch in the day,
    But since you went away
    I don’t miss you.
    No, not much.
    Now I watch the wind
    Rustling the leaves,
    The birds in the trees,
    The squirrels in the yard,
    The flowers grow, it isn’t hard
    To find something to take your place
    And bring a smile to my face.
    Do I miss you?
    No not much!

  2. M

    Lose Yourself

    I’m not too crazy
    about sports these days,
    except college football,
    fans, bands, thrilling plays.
    Even there, so much corruption
    and cheating to see,
    college – or pro – no matter,
    too many cases of me, me, me.

    Baseball bores me, but it’s
    still warm to the touch.
    not the results,
    or the players so much.
    An easy game to watch,
    Mr. Doubleday’s invention,
    long lazy afternoons,
    not requiring much attention.

    The normal season
    is too long to matter,
    but a singular game, ahhh
    the smells, sights and chatter.
    There’s a lot going on,
    regardless the score,
    the peanuts alone might
    bring me back for one more.

    Night games don’t thrill me,
    they just seem out of touch
    with the soul of the game,
    the drive home is too much
    Take me out to a day game,
    I think I’m still up for that.
    We’ll swap lies of our prowess,
    when we held a bat.

  3. Missing MLB

    Games on the radio
    red and white transistor propped
    on the back edge of a Kenmore
    cabinet sewing machine
    just loud enough to hear
    but not wake the baby

    my foot speeding up
    with those RBIs and Homers
    the announcers voice
    soothing as the night
    wore on and then

    TV came but I couldn’t
    watch any more than
    I could sit through
    a real game at the park
    my eyes not able to
    keep up with my mind
    my hands idle and fidgeting

    until I began to stitch
    again this time crochet
    scarves for the homeless camps
    knitted blankets for another
    baby and sweaters then
    my eyes fixed on stitches
    and not the screen so
    that it was like radio
    again as I listened

    my team morphed
    from Charley Finley’s As
    into Kansas City Royals
    boys in blue restoring me
    rounding those bases
    cutting through years
    almost like running home.

    • Yep, baseball. Me too, even though I’ve barely watched any games in recent years. Have you ever heard the George Carlin routine about the vocabulary in baseball being so comforting while the vocabulary in football is so violent and aggressive? Your last four lines reminded me of that.

  4. First of all, I’m all for correcting the social injustices in our society. BUT, I do not support the present movement, because it is obvious that the movement is not intended in any way to help where the real help is needed. I think y’all know what I’m talking about.

    What’s The Deal?

    I long for the days when players would play
    When competition was worth more than the pay
    When talent and teamwork took center field
    Those days appear to be gone
    What’s the deal?

    Where’s Jordan or Byrd or Staubach or Starr
    Where’s Nicklaus, Greztky, or Ali
    They all played for the sake of the game
    Stars like that are what I want to see

    So many great figures long gone from all sports
    Replace by crybabies and spoiled children
    Their disrespectful whinings are ruining the games
    And that kneeling, to me, is the end

    But the straw that broke my sports camel’s back
    Is the pandering that has happened recently
    They can stand for their causes on their own time
    If they kneel, they’ll lose fans, including me

  5. Not doing well with this prompt. All I can think of is how much I miss my Ohio State Buckeye buddy, my Dad. I’m not often “down” and teary eyed, but I am today. I think I need to skip this one.

    • Baseball —

      I don’t miss you much,
      if the truth were told.
      The game’s kinda slow
      and I always want to
      exit before the seventh
      inning stretch, except

      you do have to stay through
      the “Root, root, root for the
      Phillies” part and, of course,
      to finish your beer and the
      hot dog that tastes better
      than anywhere else in town.

      I miss the ballpark, if not
      the game. The sea of red
      ball caps gracing the Jumbotron,
      and the little kids mugging for
      the chance to see their faces
      huge on that giant screen.

      Even the post-game traffic jam
      has a comforting familiarity,
      the recap of the game on the
      car radio as the moon hangs low
      in the night sky. Heading for home,
      now when everything is over.

      Baseball, I miss you
      more than I thought.

  6. Baseball

    On summer nights
    Bob Prince’s voice boomed out
    play by play of the Pirates
    while Dad leaned back
    in his lawnchair or recliner
    and I wished I could listen
    to something else.

  7. Idle Bats and Balls

    Baseball makes my husband
    smile. All this while,
    he has grudgingly contented
    himself with old broadcasts.
    Not the same. Nor will it be
    with an empty stadium. If
    teams begin playing late
    in the season, he will have
    a reason to smile. So,
    let’s bring baseball back.
    After all, they are not
    the Boys of Winter.

  8. Missing sports? Not me!
    I get no joy from watching games on tv
    For College football, I have not a care
    While Baseball is quite a boring affair
    NBA, MLB, NFL won’t be missed by me.

    I’d rather be playing with my family, enjoying
    baseball in the backyard,
    football on leafed lawn,
    snowball fight in field white,
    bike race through treed trail.

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