Today we are opening the Poetic Bloomings Restaurant. There are so many cultures and flavors from which to choose. What is your favorite cuisine? That is your topic today. You can write a list poem featuring various dishes. You can expound on the experience. You can wax poetic on the Nationality of the food’s origin. Write until you are sated and we’ll fill ourselves on your words.

99 thoughts on “JULY COVID-19 P.A.D. – DAY 2 EAT AT JOE’S

  1. Tacos, pork chops, paella,
    hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken marsala,
    McDonald’s sausage biscuit with cheese.
    The tastiest meals I’ve partaken
    are the ones shared with friends and family.

    Dinner ‘round the table,
    children rolling laughter,
    husband and wife’s conversation swelling sweet,
    every food is tasty
    when love is the main dish.

    Breakfast in the breezeway,
    McDonalds biscuits taste so sweet,
    ‘cause sisters social distanced
    once again can meet,
    taste the joy of together,
    and the meal of community.

    Tacos, pork chops, paella,
    hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken marsala,
    McDonald’s sausage biscuit with cheese.
    The tastiest meals I’ve partaken
    are the ones shared with friends and family.

  2. THE EGGPLANT POLE, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Just a Pole from nowhere great,
    and slightly to the west,
    would think the food that Bobcia made
    would be the taste he’d love the best.

    And though I do appreciate
    the Polish food she’d dish,
    I’d sidle up with my Piasans
    for my Eggplant wish.

    Eggplant Parm’s my food of choice,
    it truly is delish.
    If I could give this food a voice
    he’ll be thankful he’s not fish!

    Kielbasa’s for another day,
    Pierogi, quite the same.
    Golumbki falls quite short of great
    with Eggplant Parmesan on my plate!

    Sorry, Grandma!

  3. Perhaps not quite what you’re looking for, but it is what it is…

    A Sonnet to a Lemon Drop

    It’s like this, I said, you know when you walk
    through Lynch Gate at St Nicholas’s church,
    with the old yew tree leaning toward you,
    and every parishioner for a 1,000 years

    is buried underfoot, and tombstones lean
    just like that yew tree, and you open those
    church doors, heavy as oak can ever be,
    and it slams shut like thunder behind you

    and you know you’ll never escape this place,
    and you walk along the transept, the organ
    in the loft inhaling breath and exhaling
    a blast that shims the beams back into place

    while the chorus sings “Hallelujah!”, well,
    that’s what it’s like to suck on a lemon drop.

  4. Southern

    “It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.” Lewis Grizzard

    Tommy Toes fresh off the vine
    warm, juicy, red or yellow
    acidic or sweet, seeds running
    down my chin is heavenly
    Two slices of white bread
    the heel is the best
    slathered with mayo
    and a one-inch thick slice
    of beefsteak tomato
    There is nothing in the world
    as good as a home-grown
    tomato. Maybe it’s a Southern
    thang but, I doubt it.

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  6. U

    Comfort Food

    Our neighbors spy on us, 
    over the backyard fence,
    but I think we’ll soon be friends, 
    maybe when I cook for them.
    Umami is already my friend,
    and I like to cook like I mean it.
    I’m no gourmet chef,
    but I’m a pretty good home cook,
    can build on others’ recipes,
    and I find it a holy thing
    to serve food to hungry people.
    In some ways, every meal is a miracle,
    especially when eaten with friends.
    Beauty can be coaxed
    out of the ugliest of vegetables,
    if the preparation is done mindfully.
    It’s all in the details,
    always remembering,
    when I cut the vegetables, I cut the vegetables;
    when I bake the bread, I bake the bread;
    when I stir the soup, I stir the soup.

  7. Y

    Greek Style

    The first time we went to
    the Athens Market Cafe,
    it was for the food.
    The second time it was
    for the food, and for our host, Nick.
    The next three hundred times
    were for parea, for comfort.
    I can make an excellent pastitsio,
    every Greek can,
    so long as they use
    their yia-yia’s recipe.
    Same thing goes for moussaka,
    horta, salata horiatiki,
    and avgolemono.
    Well, maybe not the latter, but
    surely yes, the lentil soup.
    What I can’t get at home is
    Nick’s beaming smile,
    arms open wide, assurances that
    when the place is packed,
    every table full, there’s always
    the “family chairs” in the kitchen,
    with the tastes, the smells,
    the music, the ease,
    evoking memories of Sunday afternoons,
    with thia’s and theos and cousins all around.
    There’s nothing like going out
    and still being at home.

  8. Catfish Tour: Tabouli

    On with the tour! I always said
    glibly. To the question, one word:
    catfish. We were like groupies, nerds,
    heads; and we went where the fish led.

    Catfish dinners, brunch bars, a bed
    and breakfast. With our catfish creds
    thoughts of a hush puppy book stirred.
    On WithThe Tour!

    We followed one “Catfish Ahead”
    sign too many, to something red
    beside the dish fried by one Kurd
    but green from a second and third.
    Sidetracked, we went where the side dish led.
    On With The Tour!

  9. Out-and-About Eats

    We loves us some good home cookin’
    But whenever we’re out-and-about
    We’re not shy about where we eat
    Got’s lots of favorites places, no doubt

    Like Pegleg Pete’s oyster sampler
    Or Bamboo’s famous chef’s choice sushi
    How about a stop at Culver’s for that
    Delicious double butter burger just for me

    Can’t forget our favorite Thai restaurant
    Cold beef salad for her and Pat Thai for me
    Then there’s the place from Down Under
    Those Auzzies grill a mean steak, you see

    On road trips we trust Cracker Barrel
    Bob Evan’s rocks breakfast all day
    If we’re in a hurry there’s the drive through
    At our favorite fast food, Chic-fil-A

    Too much out-and-about food ain’t good
    We long for our own kitchen creations
    But it’s good to know there are options
    While we’re out-and-about in this nation

  10. Something Old, Something New…

    One day Mama made her famous
    applesauce cake but forgot
    to stir in the soda so the
    applesauce would foam
    before she stirred it all
    with the butter paddle
    and poured it into
    the worn Angel Food pan

    An hour and fifteen later
    the cake coming out blue
    like all the oceans of the world
    on the globe spinning in the corner
    of the fourth grade classroom
    at the school up the road

    The taste like blue corn masa
    not quite ground fine enough
    for a smooth tortilla and sticking
    to the tongue rolling around
    a few raisins now and then
    both wizened with consternation

    After her initial shock Mama said
    how the cake held a ton
    of nutritious ingredients
    too expensive to waste
    so she slid it onto the cut glass
    plate and doled out slices

    we slid surreptitiously in
    pockets to poke through
    squares of chicken wire later
    watched the hens scratch
    and peck with disinterest.

  11. Ham and Cheese Crepe

    I’ve only had it once, but that day
    it was the best meal I’ve ever tasted.
    Maybe it was the salty sea air
    of Galway Bay, Ireland on Inisheer
    the smallest of the three Aran islands.
    Maybe it was because we had just walked
    seven kilometres past hundreds of rock walls,
    past the wreck of the Plassey, a rusted out ship,
    and uphill to Dun Aengus, ruins of a Bronze Age fort.
    I got the crepe at a little make-shift stand along the shore.
    I watched as she poured the batter in a large pan,
    loaded it up with ham, cheese, onions
    and some kind of condiment, folded it nicely
    and handed it over to her hungry customer.
    I still remember how delicious it tasted
    as we rested and waited for the boat
    to take us back by the Cliffs of Moher.

  12. Eso Beso

    The words roll across your tongue
    as smoothly as the food.


    The soft “d’s” caressing front teeth,
    the vowels carrying sounds
    of delicious anticipation.
    And queso rhymes with beso, which is
    all you really need to know about
    my favorite cuisine.

  13. ‘SGHETTI

    Some ‘sghtti with butter
    (no meatballs, no sauce,
    no leafy green ick
    in a big bowl to toss,
    no olives, no onions,
    no green beans or peas,
    just ‘sghetti with butter!)
    And Oreos, please!

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

    Actually, ick. 😉

  14. Diary of a Non-Picky Eater

    As far as cuisines go
    I seem to love them all,
    from favorite Italiano
    to curry’s pungent call.

    Barbecued pulled pork,
    collards, biscuits–Southern style.
    Thai food–can’t put down my fork,
    Greek salads, sushi both beguile.

    Szechuan spicy as it can be,
    pitas dipped in hummus.
    On rye, some hot pastrami.
    French onion soup, cheese a plus.

    Each restaurant is unique
    from furnishings to paintings
    Cozy place is what I seek
    with soft candle lighting.

  15. Better late than not at all

    No restaurants

    On a Sunday after church
    we stopped at Joe’s Place
    a little diner in town
    but we never ate there

    Dressed in our Sunday best
    Dad stopped at Joe’s to get ice cream
    no cones ‘cause we wore our Sunday dresses
    shiny shoes and best white socks

    Maple walnut Dad’s favourite kind
    in a brick-shaped carton
    but butterscotch other times
    cause we all liked that

    Joe teased Dad about his boys
    he had only girls
    though most Dads want a boy
    to carry the family name
    [he got one later]

    We left there every time
    wondering how Joe
    could think we were boys
    and we enjoyed the ice cream later

    © Carolyn Wilker

  16. Taco Plate

    a fine serving
    shredded chicken and lettuce
    medium shell
    my friend comes out the kitchen
    and brings my food to me
    the restaurant reopened
    after eight weeks
    we both agree
    we missed each other
    and try to catch up
    she approaches
    between waiting
    on other tables
    for snippets of conversation
    so little time to breach
    the subject of love
    a tip left in her hand
    has to tell her for now

    Mike Bayles

  17. There’s a chain of joints in town that makes their tacos “mighty”. I’ve learned some of their tricks and can almost replicate the taste, but the experience still captures so much more, Mike. Nicely done!

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