1. GOLDEN, by Walter J Wojtanik

    I deserve to be treated
    the way I treat you.
    I’m not expecting anything better,
    I’m not expecting anything worse.
    It’s not a law or a command,
    from where I stand, it isn’t a rule either.
    It’s a courtesy, wrapped
    in common decency.
    Do unto others,
    as you would have done to you,
    the way I deserve to be treated.

  2. Walt, you are so right. We all need to treat each other as we treat them, or, even better, as God would have us treat them. In light of that, I will take this opportunity to explain something that befuddles me, and that’s the way people react to many of my posts because they see me as something I am not, just because of my stance on issues, religious beliefs, and political leanings.


    I deserve that I should be understood
    Not badgered or told that I am no good
    So many believe I’m obtuse or rude
    When really I’m quite a passionate dude
    My beliefs are based on respect and love
    Filtered through prayer and passed down from above
    I haven’t a shred of hate in my heart
    Maybe it’s passion that sets me apart
    Either way I’m far too old to change now
    I wouldn’t know how to change anyhow
    So for now I’ll just ask if everyone would
    Give me the respect to be understood

  3. I Deserve No Earthly Rewards

    It’s nice to get gifts and other rewards
    Even though we often don’t deserve them
    So many things given out of pure love
    While others are for our sweat equity
    We pack many away for another day
    Often forgetting which box they are in
    Others we display proudly for all to see
    We dust and shine them not often enough
    Some get passed on to family and friends
    But most remain packed up until we die
    Only to be fought over or perhaps thrown away
    You see we leave the earthly rewards behind
    And that’s why they don’t really matter

  4. A Vacation

    I deserve a beach vacation
    with sounds of gulls and ocean.
    Peace would fill me with elation.
    I deserve a beach vacation
    in a summery location
    with picking shells my only mission.
    I deserve a beach vacation
    with sounds of gulls and ocean.

  5. Lament on a Rainy Day

    I deserve to feel the sun upon my face
    and hear the chirppy music of a wren
    when I am pulling weeds around this place.

    But on this rainy day that’s not the case.
    Instead, I’m stuck inside til who knows when.
    I deserve to feel the sun upon my face.

    I have enough to read, a full bookcase,
    but I feel restless, have a need, a yen
    to be pulling weeds around this place.

    I could compose a poem about a vase
    of poppies or listen to Itzhak on violin.
    I deserve to feel the sun upon my face

    though I should greet the rain with gentle grace.
    Without it I would not have to begin
    pulling those pesky weeds around this place,

    that need both sun and rain, in the first place,
    to grow and spread, and spread, and spread again.
    I deserve to feel the sun upon my face
    when I am pulling weeds around this place.

  6. This seems like a good spot to trot out what I call a Parsons poem, although I think Earl calls the form “appreciate,” as in two-four-six-eight, who do we appreciate?


    I get
    what I deserve
    when hate bids me to swerve
    toward a spiteful tendency
    unvarnished by decency.

  7. Z

    One Deserving Soul

    My body is really nothing
    more than thought itself,
    and everything is temporary,
    as I pass between two eternities.
    It’s helpful to see that as the Truth.
    I let that be enough for me.
    I won’t be so hard on myself.
    I deserve to be forgiven, pain-free,
    knowing life is wild, wonderful,
    completely in process.
    As I seek healing
    thoughts within myself
    I know that Something Good
    is about to happen, even as
    my peace requires me to look within,
    surrendering all drama.
    I am calm and realize
    I’ve done all that I can do.
    Today is so very special. 
    New Beginnings always are.
    I have learned that there is
    but one answer…be still.
    I learned to live with pain,
    some of it complete.
    I learned to forgive myself,
    for some things I thought unpardonable.
    If I could transfer this learning,
    would that help Make America Love Again?

  8. Fun prompt. I wrote a couple of pieces, but in the end I chose this one.

    I deserve …

    … a bit of magic.
    Lemonade with ice cubes
    diamond-clear, its liquid
    sparkling like moonlight
    in a tumbler so cold that
    the glass sheds crystal
    tears down its surface.
    I deserve to be a great
    river that’s joined at
    the hip to earth, and
    daylight shall render me
    into a wandering shadow.

    I deserve to dance long
    and light as my heart.

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