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DAY 29 prompt from Robert Lee Brewer of Poetic Asides:   Write a “Total (Blank)” poem.  
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Welcome to April, Bloomers! We’re glad you are here! We will provide Robert’s 2020 April Poem-a-Day Challenge prompts right here at Poetic Bloomings each day.  We will suspend our own Sunday prompts during April, in favor of simply poeming alongside the WD Poetic Asides group.

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40 thoughts on “2020 APRIL POEM-A-DAY PROMPT #29


    This time calls for hymning:
    the sunrise is brimming
    and swallows are skimming
    the old fishing hole,

    and ospreys are stooping
    and petals are drooping
    as bullfrogs go looping
    from mudbanks to rocks,

    and cattle’s deep mooings
    and mourning doves’ cooings
    are but the pursuings
    the mockingbird mocks.

    This time in the morning,
    when earth is reborning,
    is no time for scorning
    this salve of my soul.

  2. D

    Totally Rad-io

    I was fresh from a fitting
    of expensive ear plugs,
    where a trainee of twenty
    put a pause to my huh?’s,
    My wonderful wife
    beamed broadly to see
    the microphoned mini’s
    of total technology.
    The nice news is every
    wise word I now hear,
    the bad luck is it also
    adds inane thoughts, oh dear.

  3. Totally Sold Out


    To Jesus,
    to God’s Word,
    to the ancient paths,
    to sharing the Good News,
    to relationship with my Savior
    who knows me best and loves me most.

  4. Disillusionment of Ten O’Clock, Wallace Stevens (apologies to. How do I dare)

    Total Disregard of White Nightgowns

    Remember that scene in the movie
    the girl sits up in bed wearing a white
    nightgown stares blankly at the moon
    while rivulets of red stream from her
    chest? That someone would so obscenely
    disregard the purity, the fragility, the virtue
    of that white nightgown.

    If she had only gone to bed at 12 O’clock
    wearing a scarlet peignoir studded
    with sequins and jet would she have
    been better off? If she could dream dreams
    in technicolor would her world still spin?
    I have worn a white nightgown and gone
    to sleep at 10 to torrid, lovely dreams.

  5. Total Elimination is Futile

    Armed with rake and trowel and shovel
    She has a plan – a renovation
    Of sorts. Old flowers beds must go
    Worn out, past their prime plants
    eliminated in favor
    Of more exotic blooms
    She spent the day digging and pulling.
    Wrangling roots out of the ground
    Until there was no trace of those
    Ordinary sprouts –
    Except for one clever species
    Their roots had crept off
    Underground to sneakily reemerge.
    Push their fuzzy heads up
    In another sunny spot –
    A new little flock of Lamb’s Ear

  6. Totally Embarrassed

    I got up too early this morning, about 5 AM.
    I checked my cell phone at 5:30.
    The carpenter had emailed the evening before,
    “What time’s good to turn off the water.”
    “Anytime,” I texted and hit send.
    He probably has his phone by his bed.
    When he came this morning
    I asked him if I woke him up.
    He said that he wondered what I was thinking
    to text him at 5:30 AM.
    “I wasn’t thinking,” I said,
    and apologized profusely.
    It’s not good to send a text anytime.

    Total Cereal

    It was shortly after we got married,
    and I was in the experimental stage of cooking.
    I volunteered to bake chicken for a bereaved family,
    but I didn’t have cornflakes for the coating.
    So I used Total cereal.
    Later, one of the family members
    said they were trying to figure out
    what I seasoned the chicken with.
    It was vitamins.
    Total cereal tastes like vitamins.
    “100 percent of the Daily Value
    of at least 11 vitamins and minerals.”
    Not exactly how you’d want chicken to taste.
    That’s the last time I did that.

    Totaled Pinto

    Shortly after they were married
    my sister and her husband had a fight
    and my sister came home.
    Her husband was apologetic
    and determine he was coming that night.
    Dad told him to wait till morning
    because it was snowing
    and driving would be dangerous.
    But my brother-in-law insisted.
    The next morning, he arrived by taxi
    with his arm in a sling.
    He had totaled his Ford Pinto.
    “Don’t say anything,” he told my dad.
    Dad didn’t, at least, not within his hearing.


    Can we move the H.V.A.C.?
    Take out this wall A.S.A.P.?
    Remove popcorn ceilings –
    They’re SO unappealing!
    (I watch too much H.G.T.V.)

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

  8. I hope that the poem I have written haven’t caused any angst or fear. None were meant that way, but many were meant to express my true feelings about what is happening in this crazy world we’re living in. Things are NOT as they seem. Not even close. Stay faithful, my friends, and try your best to make it one step closer to God each and every day. At the same time, watch for the signs that are so obvious.


    The goal of the world elite
    Driven by greed and the desire
    for power and control over all

    The common men and women
    will be left in the dirt to fend
    for themselves or die trying

    It is the Devil’s way
    So many know it well
    in many third world countries

    But we in the land of the free
    know nothing of their struggles
    Great suffering is foreign to us

    I fear it will one day come, but
    God will see His people through
    One way or another, we will win

    • Earl, I always, always enjoy your poetry … no matter the topic. And what are we doing as poets if we aren’t bringing out some emotion in our reader, be it something to make them smile or weep or laugh or get angry? We are just glad to have you grace our little “garden.”

      And this is yet another excellent poem.

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