Welcome April! A poet’s favorite month! 🙂

DAY 27 prompt from Robert Lee Brewer of Poetic Asides:  Write a massive poem. 
Link to Poetic Asides PAD Challenge Day 27

Want to use a form, and need help choosing one? Here’s our Bloomin’ list ( 😉 ): Inform Poets .

Welcome to April, Bloomers! We’re glad you are here! We will provide Robert’s 2020 April Poem-a-Day Challenge prompts right here at Poetic Bloomings each day.  We will suspend our own Sunday prompts during April, in favor of simply poeming alongside the WD Poetic Asides group.

If you share your poems here (and we hope you will!), we also want to urge you to post at PA, as well.  The idea is not to take away from Robert’s site, but to have a place where our Bloomers can easily share our poems daily, and interact and encourage one another throughout the month.  No need to wait for moderation, here.  We are a small and intimate group. We know you!  And we are better for it!

This Friday (May 1), look for Walt’s weekly “For Your Consideration” prompts to begin again.  We will also resume our Sunday morning “Seed” prompts, and Wednesday “Inform Poet” prompts.  Enjoy the remaining days of Robert Lee Brewer’s April PAD Challenge at Asides, and then let’s jump back into tending our garden here at Bloomings!

Connect, keep healthy, and poem on!