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DAY 24 prompt from Robert Lee Brewer of Poetic Asides:  Write a nature poem.  
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Welcome to April, Bloomers! We’re glad you are here! We will provide Robert’s 2020 April Poem-a-Day Challenge prompts right here at Poetic Bloomings each day.  We will suspend our own Sunday prompts during April, in favor of simply poeming alongside the WD Poetic Asides group.

If you share your poems here (and we hope you will!), we also want to urge you to post at PA, as well.  The idea is not to take away from Robert’s site, but to have a place where our Bloomers can easily share our poems daily, and interact and encourage one another throughout the month.  No need to wait for moderation, here.  We are a small and intimate group. We know you!  And we are better for it!

Connect, keep healthy, and poem on!

55 thoughts on “2020 APRIL POEM-A-DAY PROMPT, #24

  1. MOTHER NATURE’S SON, by Walter J Wojtanik

    i stand in open meadows,
    amidst the flowers and trees,
    i look for images in the clouds,
    i converse with birds and bees.

    i love a sunny afternoon,
    a bright and breezy day,
    an evening with a chance of rain
    i’ll take them either way.

    the sound of flowing streams injects
    an air of soft placidity,
    the temperatures have no affect
    (but I’m bothered by humidity).

    a lightning storm when it is warm,
    a blizzard when it’s not,
    a quiet night beneath starlight
    just give me what you’ve got!

    a glowing, golden silhouette,
    when the day is done,
    i’m outdoors in my element,
    i’m mother nature’s son!

  2. I went with the “nature of things” – a sonnet-ish list poem

    The Nature of Things: Coronas and Other Mishaps

    Another Titanic,
    Another Black Death,
    An iceberg,
    Choking on a grain of rice,
    A slice of burnt toast,
    A campfire,
    A forest fire,
    A malstrom,
    A broken dish, nee my heart,
    Scarlet rust in my blood,
    The needle-sting of salt,
    A cold shower,
    Some ice never melts,
    Heaven’s white door, closed.


    In spring,
    the desert blooms;
    it looses a riot
    of blended colors and odors,
    and smiles

    ~ but thereafter, it exacts its price:

    wither and perceptibly fade;
    ocotillos, naked,
    look to winter
    and wait.

  4. D

    Age Old Truth

    Old men can’t help themselves,
    it’s the nature of the beast,
    the looking back,
    the wondering about change.
    If they’re lucky, they
    consciously decide to be still,
    use their current downtime,
    allow some time to contemplate
    their spiritual nature,
    realize it’s not how it was,
    nor how it will be,
    it’s how it is right now.
    Once they accept that,
    they can rest in a peaceful heart,
    live with appreciation and awe,
    grateful their body is not yet used up,
    smile when something is delicious,
    and when it’s beautiful, simply sigh.

  5. Perhaps cheery than the previous one.

    Mere Mortals

    After dinner
    I sat under the apple tree,
    the day taking in the last
    moments of light.
    Blossoms pollenated
    and waiting like laughter
    to fill the air.
    And then you came,
    a cup of tea in each hand,
    and you sat beside me.

  6. The Singers Raise Their Voices in Praise

    Little songs
    from morning to dusk
    the ant’s chant
    the bee’s hum
    the frog’s grunt down by the pond
    gird the day with praise.

    of the katydids
    who-ing owls
    cooing dove
    and the cricket’s chirping tune
    lull the night to sleep

    of nature’s mantra
    hum, buzz, trill,
    bark, cry, shriek
    by night and day her creatures
    celebrate the earth.

  7. Spring at the Nature Center

    Pines softly swaying
    Outdoors we’re staying
    The sky’s Colorado blue
    White, fluffy clouds drift
    Sweet blue bird songs lift
    Tucked in their houses on cue

    The farm pond’s brimming
    Fish gently swimming
    The children are flying kites
    Their laughter’s ringing
    It’s joy spring’s bringing
    With wonderful sounds and sights

  8. Commonalities

    In a large field of pink and red tulips,
    two orange tulips popped up side by side
    as if excited and delighted to find each other
    in a world that was different from them.

  9. .

    Natural Misunderstanding

    Nature supplies the ground rules
    Passed down from a Loving God
    In order to maintain order in an
    Otherwise imperfect world

    But the unsatisfied human takes
    Offense to God’s perfect plan and
    Quickly modifies His intentions
    In order to fit their selfish agendas

    Thus we fall into the bottomless abyss
    Of misunderstandings about nature
    Thinking the unnatural is the way it is
    When in fact, it is counter to the truth

    Nature ensures survival of mankind
    It ensures that the Earth will live on
    What was once unnatural remains so
    Regardless of our feelings or beliefs

    Nature is beautiful
    God made sure of that
    And He made it for us
    As unthankful as we are

  10. Okay so part of me feels guilty about this one, but we gotta laugh, right?!


    When your leader suggests disinfectant,
    ingestible or an injectant,
    should you chuckle or cry
    or heave a big sigh
    and wonder what you were expectin’?

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

  11. Opposing Natures

    They don’t hide in their small houses
    on rainy days, waiting for the Sun.
    They keep on about the business
    of living – searching for food, building
    nests, chasing mates. Such is the nature
    of these birds in my backyard.
    But I, oh I, sit at the rain spotted window
    longing for fair weather, thinking I will
    accomplish something tomorrow. Such is the
    nature of this ordinary human.

  12. It’s Spring!


    Robins attempt to nest on my mailbox.
    Rabbits keep babies a hole in the yard.
    Squirrels chase one another with abandon.
    Chipmunks scurry across the patio.
    Spring has sprung.

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