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DAY 23 prompt from Robert Lee Brewer of Poetic Asides:  Write a “social blank” poem.  
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31 thoughts on “2020 APRIL POEM-A-DAY, PROMPT #23


    As we walk and we talk, to and fro,
    keeping six feet away as we go,
    I keep thinking of thinkers
    who rarely were shrinkers
    named Hobbes and Locke and Rousseau,

    and I wonder if they could foresee
    that society would come to be
    a place where most tasks
    would involve wearing masks
    and avoiding a handshaking spree.


    I’m all for the masks and hand-washing,
    Keeping 6 feet away and not touching,
    But for cryin’ out loud
    I just gasped at the crowd
    On the old T.V. show that I’m watching!

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

    True story, y’all! LOL!

  3. D

    Random Thoughts on the Social Network

    If my words offend you,
    please be forgiving.
    My filters sometimes fail me.

    I’ve been trying to remember
    what it was I was concerned about 
    last year, as May approached.

    Oh, I know.
    It was that cancer thing.
    And the chemo.
    The stuff that has me
    ducking for cover now.

    It was then I learned
    there’s a time for doing things,
    and one for being still, becoming quiet.
    Both are dear.

    It was then I concluded
    we can’t keep doing  what we want.
    We need to start 
    doing what we must.

    It was then I adopted a philosophy of
    compassion without borders.
    This sounds like a fine concept,
    don’t you think?

    But please, don’t ask me to march
    for peace and justice and equality.
    Social distancing and
    bone spurs, you know.

  4. I missed a couple of days. No real spark from the prompts. Happens sometimes, don’t you know. But this prompt got me rolling again. Just remember, it’s my opinion.

    Social Reengineering

    We pushed God away
    Satan quickly filled the void
    Evil took over

    Evil needs power
    Power over the people
    Any way it can

    Henceforth the crises
    Planned, I believe, to cause a
    Worldwide pandemic

    You may not think so
    We all have our opinions
    But what is the truth

    The jury is out
    But one day we’ll all find out
    For now I believe

    The panic is hyped
    To scare us into hiding
    It’s not as they say

    Oh, don’t get me wrong
    C-19 is dangerous
    It’s part of their plan

    You know what’s in play
    We’re all being reprogrammed
    Don’t accept the chip

    I will not be tagged
    No tracker will they inject
    I will remain free

    And no matter what
    God will keep me protected
    Or He’ll take me home

  5. ANTI-SOCIAL NETWORKING, by Walter J Wojtanik

    Get on your side, stay off mine.
    Six feet is just a suggestion.
    In spite of human congestion
    I think it’ll turn out fine.

    No meeting at the corner bar,
    no restaurant can feed you.
    No church is open to congregate,
    no sports events to recreate.

    Put your damn mask on
    and go wash your hands,
    no fist bumps or handshakes,
    heed the commands.

    Just go home and stay inside,
    beneath your dome you can hide.
    We’re not anti-social, we’re practicing distance.
    this Covid-19 will break your resistance.

    Get on your side, get back in line.
    Six feet under is no direction.
    You know it’s for your own protection,
    I think it’ll turn out fine.

  6. Anyone else having weird dreams lately?

    Social Isolation and Weird Dreams about Wales

    look at these veins
    laced along my legs,
    a juicy damson colour.

    hold fast my heart; I am
    airborne on faithless
    wings of dreams, and

    the weather’s turning
    to a wringing storm.
    thunder drums, and

    wind’s bugle blows.
    nightfall stirs dreams
    of rainy brined air, and

    I am glad to wake –
    to leave behind Wales,
    its hard-hurled language.

    glad to leave its
    Seventh Seal mono-
    chrome game,

    and its widow-making
    gloom. glad to just
    bloody well wake up.

  7. Social Misfit

    S ociety has a way of behaving together
    O nly I don’t quite get it.
    C ollectively, some people seem to know their ps and qs.
    I didn’t seem to get the memo.
    A ntisocial seems to work for me.
    L et the crowds take care of their own.

    M y friends don’t come in batches.
    I like to hang out with one to a few at a time.
    S ocial distancing isn’t hard for me.
    F riends and socializing are important for an
    I ntrovert, but just like Brylcreem, a little dab’ll do ya.
    T wo or three social contacts a day is my quota.

  8. Social Intelligence
    I didn’t learn the phrase till recently,
    “the ability to know oneself and others.”
    I feel smarter saying it,
    though mine’s still a bit low.

  9. Social Distancing

    When I go to the grocery store
    practicing social distancing,
    I feel like a little marble
    getting bumped about in a maze.
    I wish they’d put up arrows
    in Wal-Mart like they do at Safeway
    so you don’t have to pass anyone.

  10. Social Compliance

    He doesn’t mind gloves and a mask
    As he shops and completes household tasks
    He’ll stay in his house
    Current guidelines espouse
    In the internet’s blue light he’ll bask

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