Robert Lee Brewer of the Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides has begun a “count down” to his annual April Poem-a-Day challenge this year.

My plan, if I can keep up with it, is to daily provide a link to Robert’s prompts here at Bloomings.  If you care to share your P.A.-prompted poems daily here, you are more than welcome to do so. We can interact and encourage one another easily here.

Here is the link to today’s prompt, “Write a persona poemPoetic Asides April PAD Countdown:  T-minus 8 

Connect, keep healthy, and poem on!

8 thoughts on “R.L.B. PAD COUNTDOWN: T-MINUS 8

  1. X

    ex machina

    It’s not hard to remember
    that younger Marine,
    full of himself,
    a lean, green machine.
    But there are mirrors in the home,
    so it’s easy to know
    that the warranty passed
    a long time ago.
    The tank’s low on oil,
    some parts in distress,
    the flex-drive’s departed,
    and this he’ll confess,
    the hands are arthritic,
    the eyesight is poor,
    the homestead, of course,
    is only one floor.
    The doohickey’s broken,
    the gizmo’s a bust,
    the thingamabob’s full
    of whatsis and rust.
    And yet, though much life
    is confined to quarters,
    he’s still a Marine,
    home, awaiting orders.


    I’m spurned and ignored all the time.
    You’d think I’d committed a crime.
    Can’t we get along?
    I’ve done nothing wrong.
    I’m only a word with no rhyme.

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

  3. Double Oh!

    My car costs more than a half a million bucks
    I look dashing in my flashy black tux
    In my armpit is my holstered PPK
    It protects me and keeps the bad people away
    I get my orders from those folks at MI-6
    They know that I will any situation fix
    I get to travel to the most exotic places
    And work in secret on the most important cases
    My life it good even though danger follows me
    When I’m on scene the evil and corrupt will flee
    They stop and stare when I walk into a room
    Some are frightened for I just might be their doom
    For they all know that I’m no ordinary guy
    I am James Bond, that British Double-O spy

  4. I am no god,
    but I pretend to be.
    Speaking in lies,
    I trick fools to trust me.
    Can I tempt you?
    Are you one who’ll believe
    Webs of deceit
    I so easily weave?

    Once injected,
    I will quench thirsty veins.
    Help you break free
    from your heaviest chains.
    I’ll heal your aches,
    make you forget heart pain.
    Pledging through me
    your true peace is obtained.

    If you believe
    then welcome, my friend,
    to the fool’s bitter end.

    My true colors
    will so quickly be shown,
    When upon me
    your dependence has grown.
    After one hit,
    even the fool clearly sees,
    Ruled by me,
    you are so far from free.

    Freedom you sought,
    heavier chains you have gained.
    Now from my needle
    you wished you had refrained.
    My pledges are empty,
    I don’t really save.
    Promising life,
    I deliver the grave.

    Heroin is my name.

    • Oh my heart. This is brilliantly written. Even the connection of the opening line and the last, “I am no god. Heroin is my name.” WOW.

      Your constant clinging to Jesus our Redeemer and Healer inspires me every day, as you know. I love you so much, Shelly. So much.

      • Thanks, Marie. For encouraging me and loving me through my painful reality, for not giving up when I was so messed up.

        God is so good to redeem even me, the biggest of fools, who fell for substances’ empty promises. Ever thankful His Son paid the cost to find me and recover far more than the life that I lost!!

        Love you, my friend! ❤️

        And on a side note, I tried to register at Poetic Asides, but it wouldn’t let me.

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