Robert Lee Brewer of the Writer’s Digest’s Poetic Asides has begun a “count down” to his annual April Poem-a-Day challenge this year.

My plan, if I can keep up with it, is to daily provide a link to Robert’s prompts here at Bloomings.  If you care to share your P.A.-prompted poems daily here, you are more than welcome to do so. We can interact and encourage one another easily here.

Here is the link to today’s prompt, “Write an escape poem”Poetic Asides April PAD Challenge Countdown, T-minus 9 ,

Connect, keep healthy, and poem on!

10 thoughts on “R.L.B. PAD COUNTDOWN: T-MINUS 9

  1. Tripping

    Curled up with a book
    An adventurous movie
    Daydreaming on a rainy day
    A chat with someone far away
    Face timing with grandchildren
    Flashbacks with the screen saver
    Digging out the photos and slides
    And just talking about how it was
    Tripping without leaving the house

    © 2020 Earl Parsons

  2. Beau Monde (a limerick)

    In socially distant quagmire,
    She felt that her straits were now dire.
    Defying lockdown,
    She threw on a gown,
    Then crawled out through the telephone phone wire.

    © Marie Elena Good, 2020

  3. Sitting

    When one can not
    find an exit in the fog,
    one might stop,
    sit in meditation,
    in quiet contemplation.
    In doing so, one can
    discover unexpected moments
    with a beauty all their own.
    To survive the fog,
    one must be willing
    to become oneself,
    to live in trust.
    Like a blind dog, running
    headlong into the dark,
    one must accept whatever comes,
    including the brilliant phosphorescence
    of a new way of seeing the world.
    To escape the pea soup
    of not knowing,
    simply make room for everything,
    joy, grief, misery, relief.
    As a spider weaving a web,
    starting from nothing,
    first grasp the difference
    between silence
    and simply being quiet.

  4. No Escape

    This cat is not looking for an escape
    This cat that sleeps away the day
    This cat that only needs to ask
    And every whim is indulged
    Tuna dinner and catnip mice,
    Soft blankets and drinking fountains
    This cat shies away from the open door
    This cat is no fool
    This cat is content to watch the
    Squirrels and birds at the feeder
    From the safety of a window perch
    This cat is not looking for an escape

  5. I fly away on the wings of his words
    No longer a child, but child-like wonder awakened inside
    The world he creates brings delight to my soul
    A sorcerer’s rings, a wardrobe, a grand ship in a frame
    open up worlds that can’t be explained
    where the animals talk and the Lion still reigns.

    *Based on The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis, adventures that bring joy to my heart.

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