It is said we are all interconnected. Each person’s life touches others in very profound ways whether we are aware or not. We are alive. We breathe in and out.  Within every inhalation we make are molecules of Hitler, Manson and Stalin. In the same breath are particles of Buddha, Mother Theresa and Jesus Christ. We are all one.

It’s surreal that we speak of connection while we are practicing “social distancing” due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), but our solidarity will pull us through. Stay safe, stay strong and take care of yourselves.

Write a poem of connection.



This is an age of unbroken connection.
Our fingertips tap into instant links.
We’ve little tolerance for imperfection,
And as our ego grows, our goodwill shrinks.

And in this age of unbroken connection,
Our face-to-face relationships have waned.
Resulting loss of physical affection
May render us emotionally maimed.

Now suddenly a time of social distance
Is thrust upon us necessarily.
Most look for ways to be of some assistance,
And find these ways, extraordinarily.

I’m thankful in this time of social distance
For God, who binds my drifting heart to His.
Our Father God pursues us with persistence.
Be still, and let Him show you who He is.

© Marie Elena Good, 2020

Quick note: My last three lines include words and truths from scripture, and from a long-loved hymn, as follows:

“Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Robert Robinson includes the phrase of prayer, “Bind my wandering heart to thee.”

The Bible overflows with God’s pursuit of us, including Psalm 139.

Psalm 46:10 tells us, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

And Walt, I can’t just post this without saying once again how thankful I am for our connection, and the connections the two of us share with so very many out here.  These are trying times.  We all need one another. ❤



From our beginnings it was just you & me.
In the old days, I was free
but, what kind of man would I be
if I failed to see that along comes a woman
and I am alive again! You are a palette bright,
just right to colour my world. You make me smile;
you have me wishing you were here! NOW!
But, love lives on and you’re the inspiration
that makes it so. I’ve been searching so long
and this strong connection does not fail.
It is hard to break a habit like you,
I’m sorry to say, it’s hard.
And if I should ever lose you, every part
of this dialogue would end;
if you leave me now, it would send
me over Niagara Falls without a barrel.
Don’t look away – stay the night, it feels right –
feelin’ stronger every day.
Call on me. Meet me. Saturday in the park,
even if it is another rainy day in New York City.
It’s twenty-five or six to forever! It’s never too late!
An between just you & me, does anybody really know
what time it is? Let’s take a lifetime to find out!

(C) Walter J Wojtanik


**Sorry, slow moving this week. I’d rather hear “Walt’s late.” that refered to as the “Late Walt”. 😉

38 thoughts on “PROMPT #286 – CONNECTION


    one another
    adds up to merely two,
    but adding love will generate

  2. This

    Should I feel

    Should I feel
    stuck at home, afraid, or
    connected to my love, blessed with this opportunity?
    Should I feel
    lonely, sorry for my plight, or
    connected to this shared experience with the world?
    Should I feel
    forsaken, distant from my neighbors, or
    connected to this time to heal our Mother, our planet?
    Should I feel
    alone, lost in my fear, my aging body, or
    connected to eternity, knowing I am a divine soul.
    Should I feel
    anything but the spiritual truth of things, or
    connected to the certainty that I am one with God?

  3. Hey! There’s my Pard! Good to see you this morning. BEAUTIFUL, romantic poem. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Nobody does romance better than you.

    And yep, you can come late to this party any time. 😉

  4. Ka-choo

    I think of Dr. Seuss’s
    Because a Little Bug went Ka-choo!
    and the ka-choo’s resulting havoc.

    Now the world has its own
    little bug that went ka-choo,
    making real the effect of things unseen.

    So, Lord, I pray for a pandemic of grace
    that kills off discord, animosity and hate.
    May we connect as one in Your love.

  5. Walt! Those two last lines should be the question of every one of our days. Loved your love poem.
    Marie, your lines spoke to me deeply. I do know, and feel, and am so grateful for His persistent pursuit of me. Thank you for putting it into words.

  6. Hypnotic

    “Hypnotic,” my voice has to say,
    persistent splats of a hard March rain
    as windshield wipers sway like a metronome
    before my eyes upon the road to home.

    And with the sight and sound I fade,
    called in a trance, my consciousness lain
    aside, my thoughts and senses all enticed to roam
    into the earth beneath the grey-sky dome.

    I’m one with watery drops as they
    form puddles, rivulets and streams to gain
    a way to seep into the soil; I sense it as they come
    to wet brown grasses’ feet in loam,

    where there the roots of trees and saplings lay
    in dirt and clay for water to ease a thirsty pain.
    I feel the sigh of quenching grace as liquid kisses from
    the sky arouse the entire earth with prose and poem.

    “I do not want to leave,” I say,
    my mind in love with this newfound refrain,
    but I have many kisses yet to give, more worlds to roam
    more songs to hear and sing in my own home.

    © Damon Dean, 2019

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  8. Since I have had major surgery in 2014 and again in 2016, I have heart disease and lung disorders. So, if you don’t see much of me in public during this period of viral panic, then you’ll know why. Therefore……

    We’re breaking most of our connections
    even though we didn’t have that many in the first place

    We’re taking care of projects around the house
    and hanging out with family and the grandchildren

    We’ll be attending church from the comfort of our home
    thanking God that our church broadcasts over the air

    If we decide to eat out, we’ll pick it up and come home
    otherwise, it’s a good thing that we know how to cook

    We have everything that we need to get by
    because we have each other, and that’s quite enough

    We’ll connect over the phone and through the Internet
    as long as there are the means with which to communicate

    In the end, God will take very good care of us
    just the way that He has all the way up to now

    And when the fog of fear and panic have burned away
    we’ll rejoin the human race once more…….maybe

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