1. Crazy. Reminds me that I did something like this once a million years ago, only it was earring backs. Must see if I can find that.

  2. Question: A drawer has 50 white socks and 50 black socks but the light is out and the room is pitch black. If a person needs one pair of matching socks, how many will he or she have to pull from the drawer to make sure there is one matched set?

    And here’s my thought…..

    The Odd Sock Out

    I’ve been here from time to time
    Usually gummed up with toe jamb and sweat
    Following a stuffy time on the move
    Sometimes for a day or even more
    But, then, the rest of us stunk, too
    So it wasn’t like being the odd sock out

    But this time is quite different
    This time I am the odd sock out
    I’m the one that smells like lemons
    No sweat stains or toe jamb on me
    And best of all I’m static free
    A rose in a hamper of smelly thorns

    What’s worse, I’m on the very bottom
    It will be a long time before laundry day
    And my rosy fragrance will be no more
    I’d really rather be in the clean sock drawer

  3. Alone

    Out of the drawer, onto the floor,
    Lost but not with my one more.
    Alone she finds me right where I fell,
    Doesn’t bother to use her nose to smell
    The fragrance of flowers from a fresh wash.
    So, into the dirties she gives me a toss.
    Now my mate is safely in the drawer
    while I have to go through the wash once more.


    in this hamper
    hampers my dignity;
    I am indignant, and what’s more,
    this stinks.

  5. Sock OCD

    Here’s one of those instances
    where I wish I was not
    impossibly OCD. Nice
    and clean, ready for the
    drawer, instead, I am stuck
    inside a multitude of
    malodorous shirts and un-
    mentionables. I cringe,
    not an easy movement
    for a sock. When I am
    clean again, my trick
    -playing twin will be
    laughing his heel off.

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