The Espinela is a Spanish poetic form containing two stanzas.

It has four end rhymes across 10 lines.

First stanza has four lines.

Second stanza has six lines.

Eight syllables per line.

Rhyme scheme is abba/accddc.


Espinela is a creation of poet, Vincente Espinel.


This form is also known as a Decima!  The difference between the two is that we break up the 10 lines into two stanzas (Espinela) instead of one (Decima).



I can hear it’s patter from here,
the spring reigns in great big droplets,
it’s rained all day, hasn’t stopped yet,
no signs of it stopping, I fear.

I wait for the skies to get clear
but I know it will be a while.
And yet through it all, I smile.
I’d rather that it rained than snowed
now that the crocuses have showed,
ushering in the spring with style!


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2020


12 thoughts on “INFORM POET – ESPINELA

  1. A Promise at Waking

    A grumble in the distant skies,
    a grey and sleepy distant mood,
    a countenance that may seem rude
    as Spring wakes up with squinted eyes.

    A weathered fear may in me rise
    as she arises from her sleep,
    but like a sleeper who slept deep,
    awaking from enchanted dreams
    her discontent will fade. It seems
    the promise of her love she’ll keep.

    © Damon Dean, 2019

  2. This is a truly rough-rough-rough-draft….

    Iron on the Wall

    There’s the northern and the southern.
    Hallelujah, they sang for him,
    and amen ending every hymn.
    Brothers. Sisters. Baptist. Brethren.

    On the wall, a cross of iron,
    wooden pews so unforgiving.
    Discomfort. Complaint. Forbidden.
    God, they said, punishes living.
    Death, they said, is for forgiving.
    In that building, they’re still singing.

    • Rough-rough-rough drafts have a tendency to become great-geat-great finished poems. You’re not far from that line. I expect you’ll work it and present it in it’s variation! Thanks, Marilyn.

  3. Heart

    A Valentine heart, bright and red
    Uplifts the soul and gives it cheer.
    It makes you smile to toes from head
    And glad for loved ones far and near.

    The love we share is like a thread.
    There are so many little ways
    To stitch our hearts all of our days,
    And link them like a patch work quilt.
    That’s how relationships are built.
    An act of kindness surely pays.

  4. Holy COVID-19

    This latest import from Wuhan
    Has everyone in a tizzy
    So crazy it makes us dizzy
    We all just wish it was long gone

    So should we get our worry on?
    Yes, it’s bad; it’s killing old folks
    No time for politics or jokes
    We still don’t fully understand
    So back away and wash your hands
    COVID-19 must be revoked

    • Certainly no joke. But the “every one for themselves” frenzied panic is a shame. Be aware, but keep a thought for others. Care for the elderly and wash your hands. Thanks for this, Earl!

  5. Moon ’til Morning

    Alluded to as a worm moon
    at seven times its normal size.
    Season when earth worms do arise
    from slumber, wriggling to Spring’s tune.

    In inky sky, golden balloon
    spreads an aura wide and glowing
    In the first breeze of Spring blowing.
    Come with me outdoors when night falls,
    we’ll gaze at that moon ’til dawn calls,
    and a new day begins, cows lowing.

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