The Espinela is a Spanish poetic form containing two stanzas.

It has four end rhymes across 10 lines.

First stanza has four lines.

Second stanza has six lines.

Eight syllables per line.

Rhyme scheme is abba/accddc.


Espinela is a creation of poet, Vincente Espinel.


This form is also known as a Decima!  The difference between the two is that we break up the 10 lines into two stanzas (Espinela) instead of one (Decima).



I can hear it’s patter from here,
the spring reigns in great big droplets,
it’s rained all day, hasn’t stopped yet,
no signs of it stopping, I fear.

I wait for the skies to get clear
but I know it will be a while.
And yet through it all, I smile.
I’d rather that it rained than snowed
now that the crocuses have showed,
ushering in the spring with style!


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2020