I find myself of late needing to release the spirit within me. I’m not talking losing my religion or redefining spirituality. I am currently reading “Zen Life” by Daniel Levin. It almost reads like a collection of poetry. Open to any page and there’s a thought upon which to expound. I find it is giving me peace.

I came across the concept of “being yourself.”  Thank you, Captain Obvious! Most of us worry about how we come across to other people. But you shouldn’t worry about other people liking you or not liking you. We are all flawed people and we know we can be in error so much of the time. If people like you, they could be wrong. But in the same light, if they do not like you, they could be wrong. So, do not worry about their opinion of you. How do you like yourself? Choose a positive trait of yours and write that poem.


One of my best traits:
Thankfulness comes easily.
I’m thankful for that.

Another good trait:
I’m easily contented.
I’m content with that.

And a third good trait:
I am easily amused.
That amuses me.

© Marie Elena Good 2020



Silence is a comforting companion,
a reminder that peace soothes
and love is the cure for
a heart left to languish.

 Even when it seems to be hopeless,
you find a way to embrace
life as the gift it is,
you are not far from
living to the fullest
in the throes of a lifetime love,

 Fondness of heart strengthens
In the absence of it, But above it all
You know that life is in the living,
And love is found in the giving.
For it is with all my heart that
I never feel abandoned for lack of it.

Love lives on.
A heart left to languish
In the throes of a lifetime love,
never feels abandoned for lack of it.

(C) Walter J Wojtanik