It’s a funny thing.

    I’m walking; he can’t.
    I’m looking down; he’s looking up.
    I’m frowning; he’s smiling.
    I’m angry; he’s happy.

    Who’s helping who here?

  2. Melting Ice

    Josh Avery turned people off
    with his closed-face look
    of bitterness. No one brooked
    arguments with him. Warned
    by his boss that he would
    be out of a job if he did
    not agree to take Anger
    Management classes, Josh
    had no choice but to acquiesce.
    After several sessions,
    he was slowly learning
    that the burning in him,
    short temper, and lack
    of patience were present
    in a myriad of people–
    not just men.

    One icy Sunday morning,
    promising to be boring
    and lonely, Josh hit
    the streets. He spied
    icy patches across
    cobblestone. At corner,
    he found himself standing
    beside a profoundly
    immobilized man in a
    wheel chair. How can
    he possibly cross, and
    avoid those thin sheets
    of ice on the ground,
    Josh thought. He felt
    bound to help. As he
    wheeled the chair across
    the street, John felt
    a melting in his heart,
    a softening of his features.
    He would make it. He was
    part of the human race.

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