The roundel (do not confuse this with the rondel) is an English variation of the roundeau

Here are basic guidelines:

  • 11 lines
  • three stanzas (quatrain, tercet, quatrain)
  • the opening of the first line becomes a refrain of the fourth and 11th lines and rhymes with lines two, five, seven, and nine
  • rhyme pattern: abaB bab abaB
  • while there’s no set syllable count per line, the lines within the poem are consistent, except for the refrain lines, which are more concise

It was introduced by Algernon Charles Swinburne.


MONDAY STARTS WEEKLY, by Walter J Wojtanik

Monday morning, I rise.
It comes without warning,
a vision for my eyes,
Monday morning.

A new day dawning,
I look to the skies,
the sun begins warming

and it’s no surprise.
I’m glad it’s not storming,
it elicit sighs,
Monday morning.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2020

23 thoughts on “INFORM POET – ROUNDEL

  1. A HEAD’S-UP

    This poem here was written at a price
    comprising nights subsisting on cold beer
    and old baloney. I would often splice
    this poem here

    to tap two thoughts when one would not appear,
    then meld them carelessly by rolling dice
    and metrics, merged with moldy atmosphere

    to form a form as faux as fairy lice.
    For all of that, the reader need not fear
    these words; there’s little need to sacrifice
    this poem here.

  2. Two to Tango

    The wind has no sound of its own
    it moves the metal chimes around
    only through friction is it known
    the wind has no sound.

    A wealth of languages is found
    trees creak, grasses swish, as they’re blown
    by wind, earth is seeded in sound
    speech becomes song and song is sown

    by wind and hindrance tightly wound
    there must be two because alone
    the wind has no sound.

  3. Fifteen Years

    Today marks fifteen years
    since my Dad’s departure, my tears.
    In glow of candle his face is clear.
    Today marks fifteen years

    How lucky I felt when he was here,
    smiles on those in his company.
    Generously did he spread good cheer.

    Dad never tired of playing games
    or teaching swimming to kids with fears.
    Never would he make you feel ashamed.
    Today marks fifteen years

  4. Desire Pulls

    Desire pulls this way and that.
    It tempts, teases and fools.
    Like a dog on a leash after a cat,
    Desire pulls.

    It pays no mind to the rules.
    It may behave as a spoiled brat,
    Or be as stubborn as mules.

    But selfless love is where it’s at.
    It tames, trains and schools.
    Love directs with a smile and pat.
    Desire pulls.

  5. A little (or a lot) late on this one. For some reason I just had a hard time finding a good subject.

    No PC

    Leave your PC at the door
    We don’t play that anymore
    Makes no sense to sugarcoat
    Leave your PC at the door

    Inside here you’ll know the score
    As we kindly speak our minds
    We will speak truth evermore

    It feels great to speak the truth
    Let your inner passions roar
    Come on in and free your mind
    Leave your PC at the door

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