Today we get playful. Once again we work the Limerick. The nonsensical feel of these ditties remain to touch a heart, a head or funny bone.

Reminder: Five lines.

First, second and fifth lines rhyme(A).

Lines three and four are also linked (B).

The scheme A,A,B,B,A.

Get gaudy, bawdy, raucous, nauseous, cautious, rambunctious or thoughtful. Just give this awful rhyme some of your time. You may be surprised by the results!



On Wednesday’s we play with a form,

a practice that’s become the norm.

Today, it’s the Limerick

I chose it because I am sick

and I hope that it kills this ill storm.


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2020


40 thoughts on “INFORM POET – LIMERICK


    It is short, maybe sweet, sometimes trite,
    and the words that you sit down to write
    might be wretched or punny,
    but you hope, at least, funny,
    so the reader receives some delight.


    Let us hope that this illness of Walt’s
    will succumb to a wave of gestalts
    full of laughter and cheer
    and, perhaps, a cold beer,
    so it leaves him, deprived of its faults.


    I have nearly life sucking stress.
    I certainly wish it were less.
    When I try to relax,
    my phone rings to the max,
    and I find there’s an even worse mess.

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  5. Been out for a while. Busy with family stuff (all good).

    It’s Time

    For two thousand years we have heard
    The message contained in His Word
    How much will it take
    To shake us awake
    It’ll be way too late afterward

    The Drumbeat

    The drums beat steadily in my head
    The music of life leading straight ahead
    The song often changes
    As life rearranges
    But the drumbeat won’t end ‘til we’re dead

    Worth the Fight

    Politically speaking I’m right
    And that helps me sleep well at night
    Oh, you can be sure
    Who I’m voting for
    ‘Cause freedom is well worth the fight


    Edward Lear used to write nonsense verse
    in a style both beguiling and terse;
    his best epitaph
    is a great belly laugh
    at his words, in which we immerse.

  7. It seems like forever and ever
    my partner’s been under the weather.
    He’s over there wheezing;
    I’m over here sneezing.
    Like true partners, we sick together!

  8. The Best of Asses

    Said the lass, “I’ve the best of asses,”
    to the lad who kept making passes.
    “Follow me outside.
    I’ve nothing to hide.
    They’re happy just eating grasses.”

    —alternate ending—

    Said the lass, “I’ve the best of asses,”
    to the lad who kept making passes.
    “Follow me outside.
    I’ve nothing to hide.
    They’re pissed and just passing gases.”

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