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Now, these Sunday Seeds have always been something based on a theme (Write a color poem, write a spring poem…). It may have been a photo that had sparked our collective muses. It was possible that a list of random words brought forth our poetic prowess giving us various thoughts and different ideas. I guess it’s always something.

And we are all familiar with the story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his reluctant journey to the spirit of Christmas. We are all products of the lessons of the past and how they relate to the present day and what we may do in our future endeavors.

This prompt will be based solely on the title of this prompt. Our separate poems will share the same title. The name of your piece will be, “God Bless Us, Everyone.” Start where Tiny Tim left off and write your blessing.



God Blessed Us, Every One

Can we be thankful
for that which we aren’t aware
we’ve even received?

Yet God has blessed us,
every one of us, with
His very own Son,

leaving the glory
of heavenly realms aside,
born of a virgin

in humblest of means,
crying with the bleating sheep,
and braying donkeys.

No silent night, this,
yet holy, miraculous,
and liberating.

A virgin woman
bore this “for unto us” Child
in obedience

to the very God
Who chose her to give life to
the Giver of Life.

She named Him Jesus.
He who had no beginning –
Who was here before

the world’s foundation –
the Co-Creator of all –
became a newborn.

He grew in wisdom,
and did only that which His
Father told Him to.

His Father gave Him
all things, and left our judgement
in His holy hands.

We are guilty, all.
But the Father made a way:
His name is Jesus.

God gave His own Self
in the Person of the Son
to redeem the lost.

We are all the lost,
falling short of God’s glory.
But now He sees us

through the saving grace
of The One who redeemed us
on Calvary’s cross.

So I ask again:
Can we be thankful for that
which we aren’t aware

we’ve even received?
Jesus Christ died once, for all.
Many witnessed it.

And many witnessed
also His resurrection
from that very death –

the death that was ours.
He gifted us with His love,
and His saving grace.

Know Him, and know this:
God sanctified us. God blessed
us, every one.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019




A simple prayer that appears more
at Christmas time than any other.
We think of Tiny Tim and it is he
to whom we attribute these words.
But they should be heard at every turn,
God bless us, every one.

Dickens wrote of the infirm and destitute,
those in institutes for the poor,
craggy old misers who should be the wiser
in the business of humanity. Don’t forget insanity,
the calamity of life is felt hard
at Christmastime, God bless us, every one.

A thought of goodwill for Bob Cratchit and his brood.
That they can be in the Christmas mood is a testament
to the spirit within them. It sends a message
loud and clear. A wish that old Ebenezer would heed
their joy, including the words of the young crippled by,
“God bless us, everyone.”

For the poor in their situation, the population
ceases to decrease because of them, as it should.
Good people fall upon hard times, it reminds us
to be more sympathetic and giving. We are all living
for the goal of a good soul to gain us entry.
To the commoner and the gentry, God bless us, every one.

To those who have left us to suffer this earthly plain,
may they remain in our hearts and minds, and may we find
the peace in their passing. Their memory should linger
well beyond the outstretched fingers of wanting.
May their spirits not be haunting, but a comfort.
God bless us, every one.

May our past be an ever-learning lesson, our errors few.
May our present be a product of what our past teaches us.
May our futures be bright because we have lived for others
as much as ourselves. Sisters and brothers for this blessed cause,
a reminder from me, your Santa Claus. And of course,
God bless us, every one.


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

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35 thoughts on “PROMPT #273 – GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE

  1. God Bless Us, Everyone

    The white cat, sleeping soundly
    on the back of the couch, does
    not doubt that she is blessed.
    Nor does the finch or chickadee
    at the snow dusted feeder.
    The cows in the barn, the white-tailed
    deer, the hawk and honking goose seem
    to have more faith than man in the
    blessings bestowed upon us by
    The God who created us and nutures
    Us, everyone.

  2. Walt: As always, I love the way you think and poem. Indeed, these words SHOULD be heard at every turn. You accomplished this in spades, with your poetically presented scenarios. Thank you for this, Pard. Hugs across cyberspace, and the Great Lake we share.

  3. Earl Parsons on said:

    At this wonderful time of year, there is no better story to tell than the Birth of the Christ Child. Or, for that matter, anything that tells of God and Christ and what wonderful blessings They have been to us and have given unto us.

    God Blessed Us, Every One

    God blessed us from the beginning
    He created a world just for us
    He walked with us and talked with us
    So blessed were His creations
    And then they ate the fruit

    But God still blessed His faithful
    As they reached out to the lost
    But Satan took them one by one
    Until only Noah was left
    And the rain came down

    Then a rainbow appeared in the sky
    A promise of blessings to come that
    When the ark found fresh dry land
    It was a second chance for mankind
    But mankind has weak flesh

    As God watched from Heaven above
    His prophets roamed here and there
    Telling others of the Only One
    In which to put an everlasting trust
    Some listened, some not

    Century’s passed, prophets tried
    But mankind continued to fall
    God could no longer hold back so
    He sent down man’s greatest gift
    To be born of a virgin

    God blessed us, every one
    When He sent down His Son
    And forever this blessing will be
    Our free ticket to eternity
    If only we believe

  4. Earl Parsons on said:

    Marie, I didn’t notice that you and I used the same title. I don’t usually read other poems before I write. Yours, by the way, is beautifully done and such a needed message. Great work.

  5. God Bless Us, Everyone
    (7/5 Trochee)

    Jesus loves us one and all
    Gently offers hope
    On His name we gladly call
    Cleanses us like soap

    Spirit guides us to the throne
    Finding help in need
    Living water ours to own
    On His grace we feed

  6. God bless Us, Everyone

    God blessed us with an
    eternal festal spirit,
    when he bestowed upon
    us the only begotten
    beloved Son.

    God blessed us partaking of
    blood and flesh, residing and abiding
    until redemption’s work was fully paid.

    God blessed us still,
    rising from the dead, the Firstborn Son,
    for this he said; this day have I begotten you.

    God blessed us with the thorns of
    his head, now crowned with glory and
    honor, seated at the right hand of God.

    God blessed us with eternal blood shed,
    but dies no more, for this he said;
    it is finished.

  7. .
    God Bless Us, Everyone

    God bless us, everyone
    With the love
    And compassion
    Of His Only Son

    God bless us, one and all
    Help us hear
    And respond
    To His loving call

    God bless us, every day
    Make Your presence
    Known to us
    In every way

    God bless us, everyone
    From our birth
    To our earthly end
    When life is done

  8. God Blesses Us, Every One

    I lift my voice to you, oh, God
    blessings upon blessings you Bless
    each one of Us
    breath, life, love, Every
    grace, each forgiveness, one by One.

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