We have explored many specific poetic forms and a good deal of them had their origins in the Japanese Culture.

Among our highlighted Japanese forms were:






Haiku (Nature)



Senryu (Not Nature)



Choose one, or sample as many as you can muster and present some new twists to these classic Japanese poetic forms.





The air is filled with static,
a bombardment of senses
meant to irritate; annoy.
There is no joy,
this moment must cease.

I must escape in my mind,
hoping to find inner peace.
No relief.

© Walter J Wojtanik



she sings like sunlight –
softly touching all it sees
her song – a blessing
meant to comfort all who hear
beauty is her melody
tender music is her soul

© Walter J. Wojtanik



Hearts beat in rhythm,
a song of true love’s making,
never forsaking
the message it gives.
It lives to keep us dancing
for hearts are that way.

We chose how we step,
a waltz of passion’s fire.
What we desire
keeps moving our feet.
It’s the music of your heart
in this life’s slow dance.

© Walter J Wojtanik


Where have all the flowers gone?
Trampled under foot; dying
slowly the fragrance lingers.
Beauty of blooms past.

© Walter J. Wojtanik


new morning descends

awakened from the long night

sunlit beginnings

© Walter J. Wojtanik



I hear the song that she sings – so sweet a sound heard
Each word bringing me such joy – in the morning mist
a melody soft, lilting – I will hum along
Strong emotion resides there – this song that she sings

© Walter J. Wojtanik

RYUKA (Variation 7,5,8,6)
in the clearing herons land
long flight has ended
rest has come to wings of passion
soon to resume journey
© Walter J. Wojtanik
Echoes repeating,
voices fleeting in the sky.
Flying verbal kites.
© Walter J. Wojtanik



lost in the sunset,
golden arms reach to caress.
upon sand laced shores
two stand in time in this place
face to face, souls within reach!

© Walter J. Wojtanik


  1. Hi Walt. In all my 50+ years of writing and studying Japanese forms, I have never heard of boketto. I do know thst in the Japanese language the word means tp stare at the landscape. There is also a newly created form, in ghe 50’s or so called gogyohka which is simply five lines, on any given subject, no rhymes. That’s all. Except boketto seems to be unique to your site, as quadrille seems to be unique to dVerse Poets Pub. 😊

  2. A golden chance you got,
    A waste of time you thought,
    To survive in this life that’s hot,
    Strival is all we ought.

    My rhymes flows like a river,
    No brag cause mentorship is all I deliver

    @japheth simiyu(Kenya)

  3. I wrote a boketto, since that’s how I live my life these days.

    I live from breath to breath
    Breathe in, fall asleep, breathe out
    Breathe in, wake up, breathe in
    Breathe in—wait, hold
    Breathe out, fall asleep

    Torture, to sleep without choice
    Bliss, to stay awake all day

  4. Boketto

    this rock has may facets
    focus on indentation
    coal black pocket inside white
    perhaps a chip
    someone has hammered

    the rock stands the test of time,
    glistening under water–
    dry in sun


    woke in a cold bed
    alone, feet and hands freezing.
    was it a bad dream?
    I saw only your outline
    on the sheet, no longer warm.
    I hope not to find a note.


    oh, that must be new
    a dress like a pure emerald
    yes, pure silk. thank you.
    this is for the ball
    held at the palace tonight
    it will be so grand
    many important people
    Emperor and his wife
    heard she is a mean woman
    I will stay out of her path.


    dance outdoors on summer night
    moon flows over rapt faces
    swirls of silk as woman spin
    the men are stiffer


    blanket moves on porch
    table top is dancing
    baby birds nesting


    The two dogs were fast asleep–in corner of couch
    Weather was wet and windy–autumn had moved in
    The only thing to rouse them–mentioning dinner
    Dogs eat eagerly, clean plates–back to couch corner


    If I could reach
    the stars and moon,
    I would borrow them
    and adorn you in their beauty


    opens umbrella
    as a heavy rain comes down
    on his head through hole


    stream with silver streak
    observed from high on dark night
    looks like splash of paint
    mystery is solved. Look up
    at a bright star slanting light

  5. Study in Grey

    “Study in Grey” came first this morning then the Boketto followed.

    I look up from my book
    at the sound of the rain
    its pounding pulse
    draws me to the window
    where gradient degrees
    of opaque fog drifts
    thinly as mosquito netting
    deeper within damask flocking
    and furthest away the
    heavy semi-sheer organza
    ghostly pearl and the
    mountains tops misty lines
    upon a shadowy bulk.
    I have become a grey thing
    stationary, staring, gripped
    by the presence of nothing
    acquainted with stealth
    and ancient needs to be
    safe, sheltered, hidden… enclosed


    The pounding pulse of the rain
    pulls me to the windowpane
    to see gradient degrees
    of opaque fog
    thin then deepening.

    I have become a grey thing
    a statue, staring, suffused
    with silence.

    Far away the mountain tops,
    misty lines of ghostly pearl
    share with me their deepest needs
    primeval needs
    stillness, sheltered, safe.

    I have become a grey thing
    a statue, staring, suffused
    with silence.

  6. Big O Waiting Room
    (A Choka)

    Sitting at Big O
    Listening to thumps and whirs
    Silly space movie playing

    Stuffy smell of grease
    Man comes out with black filter
    Yes, go ahead replace it

    How many times now?
    Wishing hubby could do this
    But now I am stuck with it

    Commercials blaring
    Getting ready for a trip
    Overwhelming to-do list

    But here I must sit
    Time to work on computer
    How I write a poem a day

  7. A Ryūka

    In the Groove

    A beat in her ears
    A spring in her walk
    She played songs over and over
    until the groove wore smooth


    Ryūka 5,5,8,6

  8. Thought I’d try them all in a story, and just saw that another had the same idea. You know what they say; Great thinkers think alike.

    My Time in Japan
    (a run through the styles)


    Nippon wa omoshiroi
    So very interesting
    Five years went by far too fast
    I’d love to go back
    If only for a short time

    It’s unique beyond belief
    Unlike any other place
    So unique


    From the beginning
    Everyone was welcoming
    I felt so at home
    Like part of their family
    Still a gaijin, nonetheless
    Never a true Japanese


    The day I landed
    A great adventure began
    Five years of great fun
    Of great memories
    That will last me a lifetime
    I cherish them all


    I spent my time there wisely
    Saw everything I could see
    Learned a bit of the language
    That effort paid off


    Tokyo was nice
    Kyoto was historic
    Mt. Fuji – awesome


    I could have been Japanese – I fit in so well
    But I’m an American – and always will be
    My hosts made me family – and I thank them so
    If they ever visit me – I’ll be nice to them

    (Ryuka 8-8-8-6)

    I spent time in Okinawa
    My first adventure overseas
    Kicked and screamed all the way over
    But didn’t want to leave


    Japan’s in my soul
    And will remain forever
    No matter what comes


    When I said good-bye
    With appreciative smile
    I had no regrets
    Just forever memories
    Of a time I’ll not forget

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