On an occasion when a prompt/form would fall on such an auspicious day, we never fail to pay homage and remember in our hearts and minds. Eighteen years have passed since the World Trade towers and Pentagon Building and a group of valiant souls suffered their fate. “9-11” – September 11, 2001 will always be remembered here at Poetic Bloomings. It was more than “some people did something”, it rocked our world and existence. Life as we had known it was altered forever.

Post a remembrance poem for 9-11. Whether it’s an old poem you had written then, or a new tribute written for this prompt, post it or as many as you’d wish. Never forget.


THEY GO ABOUT THEIR DAY, by Walter J Wojtanik

Don’t they remember?
They go about their day
as if nothing was wrong,
doing the same old song
and dance, as if perchance
it was all a dream.

But you cannot sleep
through such a fright.
It keeps me up at night
sometimes. Don’t they recall
at all how it happened?
They go about their day.

It’s not to say it’s an obsession,
but this confession is true.
What did you do when the twins fell?
Where were you when five sides
became four? When verdant pastures
claimed more? Don’t you remember?

It’s an indelible stain that remains,
a blotch upon all of humanity’s souls.
Yet, some go about their days, ignoring
and imploring we all do the same.
History forgotten is soon repeated,
and we will not be defeated.

It was no dream, this evil scheme,
it seems some would just as soon forget it.
And yet, it happened eighteen years ago today.
Without a thought, they go about their day.
What is there left to say? It happened.
Don’t you remember?

And poems posted at my blog “Through The Eyes of a Poet’s Heart”

MEMORIAM – Poems for September 11, 2001

Plus thirty photos you should never forget



    History suggests
    that war
    is the residue
    of hatred;
    history suggests
    that peace
    is the residue
    of love.

    Some say,
    give peace a chance;
    some say,
    peace has no chance.
    What say

  2. I wrote this yesterday

    The time two towers were attacked,
    a tincture of terror torched its trail
    from the trenches to the top.
    Tenants tumbled to thwart
    the terrifying threat of
    torturous, toxic, torching.
    Threading up two stories, ten,
    two thousand troopers trod
    to tend to those trapped inside
    and tasted tragedy themselves.
    What happened on that
    Tuesday in 2001?
    Untenable treachery.
    Tragic test.
    Transcendent Triumph!

  3. “Where were you when five sides
    became four? When verdant pastures
    claimed more? ”

    Rhyme is often looked at as trivial. Silly. Distracting. But for me, it is sometimes powerful. Walt, this is powerful, to me. Just, wow.

  4. I had just gotten to work that Tuesday morning. My office was on the second floor of the Manor, an assisted living facility in town. The break room was next to my office, and as I walked by, I saw one of my favorite elderly persons watching the TV with a shocked look on his face. I went in just in time to see the second tower get hit. We watched for the next few hours in stoned silence. It was a day I’ll never forget.

    I wrote many things in the next few days. Every 9/11 I read through them again. And I pray that this never happens again. Unfortunately, it most likely will, because so many have either forgotten that day, or are just plain ignoring it for one reason or another. That’s a shame. It was a day that is matched only by December 7th, 1941.

    Floor 105

    As I look from my window on floor 105
    I have a wonderful view of the city.
    The sky is cloudless and amazingly blue.
    There’s an uneasiness to all of this beauty.

    Then I see from my window on floor 105
    On a course that seems not of the norm
    What looks like an airplane, a jet, very large.
    T’was the beginning of a terrorists storm.

    I look out with horror from floor 105
    As the airliner held firm it’s course.
    And I swear I could see the lone pilot smile
    Then I felt an indescribable force.

    As the plane disappeared below floor 105,
    The shake that ensued threw me down.
    Explosions and screams broke the morning calm
    These were foreign and unwelcome sounds.

    Then outside my window on floor 105
    A ball of fire blazed by in a flash.
    My office went dark as black smoke filled the air
    Then reality hit me at last

    The reality was that soon floor 105
    Might be the last place that I see.
    But I want to live so that I may mourn
    For those already dead below me.

    But I can find no escape from floor 105,
    All the stairwells are engulfed in fire.
    The elevators are gone, cut off by the blast,
    Can’t get down, and can’t go any higher.

    It seems that I’m trapped on floor 105.
    So I’ll wait for the rescuers to arrive.
    I’ll try and call home, just in case they don’t come,
    Say “I love you” while I’m still alive.

    That done, I reach out to floor 105
    And the many who’s fates are the same.
    We gather together as smoke fills the room
    And call on God’s wonderful name.

    Salvation occurred on floor 105
    As the saved led the lost to the Lord.
    The blood of Jesus gave them eternal life,
    While the fires of death nearby roared.

    Then we all realize that floor 105
    Will serve as our final resting place.
    I pray everyone who’s about to die
    Will soon look upon Jesus’ face.

    With flames coming near us on floor 105
    We all saw the angels gather ‘round.
    They stood over us as the inferno raged
    And took us up as the tower came down.

    2001 – Earl Parsons

  5. I wrote this several years ago. It was published on and in my book Waltzing with Words.

    Shine the Light

    In the Beginning, Word was light
    As promised came one starry night
    The darkness knew not what was right
    It fought with might, it fought with might

    Some years ago it fought us here
    Attacking us with hate and fear
    It killed so many we hold dear
    And with a jeer, and with a jeer

    And some say darkness may have won
    But tell me, can you quench the sun?
    God’s light still shines on everyone
    To Him we come, to Him we come

    He helped before, He’ll help again
    The wars we’ve had, He helped us then
    Through famines, floods and strife within
    In Him we win, in Him we win

    Darkness dispels with little light
    As candles glow, the dark takes flight
    The love of Jesus beams so bright
    So shine the light, so shine the light

  6. This is the one that’s closest to my heart. It flowed out of me on the afternoon of 9/11 and I added the last verse 2 years later. It was a favorite at my church where a friend of mine with a deep, stern voice read it while a slide show of the even showed on the church projection screens. Hope everyone likes it.

    His Mighty Hand
    By Earl Parsons

    Looking to pick a fight with God, Satan faced Him eye to eye.
    He look down on America with a smile and asked God “Why?”
    “Why do You love this country so, it’s sinful and grotesque.
    It doesn’t worship You any more. And morally, it’s a mess.
    I’ve got them hooked on money and lust and every other vice.
    How can You love them after what they’ve done to paradise?”

    Then God said, “Lucifer, you know there’s still hope for this land.
    There are many who love and worship Me and need My guiding hand.
    And with the leadership I’ve picked, they’re turning back to Me.
    Your reputation’s weakening, and it bothers you, I can see.”

    “I’m not weak, it’s America, and I can prove it to You, God.
    Just let me have my way with them, and I’ll convince them You’re a fraud.
    Give me a year to crush their spirits and they’ll all turn their backs on You.
    Remove Your hand of protection and let me do what I want to do.”

    “A year,” said God, “That’s far too long. Though it’s not you that I fear.
    Still I’ve seen the devastation you can cause in just one year.
    You’re murdering My people through false religions filled with hate.
    By the millions, they claim Jesus, as your army seals their fate.
    Their slaughtered souls are crying out, still My church lay fast asleep.
    So many dead and dying, still My people do not weep.”

    “I wonder,” God continued, “How much pain can be inflicted
    Before my people rise in unity? When will they be convicted?
    Perhaps you have a point; I should place America in harm’s way.
    So, Satan, I’ll give you one last chance to take their spirit away.
    You cannot have a year, a month, or even a single week.
    One day is all you’ll have. Let’s see what havoc you can wreak.”

    Then Satan said, “That’s all the time I’ll need to fulfill my plan.
    In fact, In just a few hours I’ll lay waste Your precious land.
    The carnage I have planned for them is like none they’ve ever seen.
    When I am done, they’ll look at You and ask why You’re so mean.
    I’ll break their spirits and crush their faith in Jesus and in You.
    And when I’ve broken America, there’ll be no hope for Your Jews.”

    Then God replied, “You underestimate the power of the blood.
    Be careful what you do, for you may drown beneath the flood
    Of patriotic emotions brought on by your evil attack.
    My spirit lives in America and you cannot vanquish that.
    Now leave my presence, Satan, and get on with your evil plan.
    But don’t come crying to me when united my people stand.

    So, God lifted His protective hand and let Satan have his way.
    The evil fell from the skies and many thousands died that day.
    As Satan watched his army strike, he couldn’t help but laugh.
    He’d horrified America and stopped the country in its path.
    His plan seemed nearly perfect; the USA was on her knees.
    Then Satan bellowed “No!” as America prayed, “God, help us, please.”

    Then someone clenched a fist and said, “Is that the best that you can do?”
    And suddenly, everywhere Satan looked he saw red, white and blue.
    “This can’t be!” Lucifer screamed at God. “I only hear one voice!
    I killed three thousand people and these Americans rejoice?
    What if I kill a million more? Would they hate You after all?”
    “You’ve had your chance,” God intervened. “America’s standing tall.”

    God smiled as Satan slumped in shame, disbelief was on his face.
    His assault against America was now his own disgrace.
    But before he left, he had to challenge God one final time.
    “You knew that this would happen, no matter what the crime,
    You knew that they’d unite and call upon Your holy name.
    You used me, God, to wake Your sleeping giant once again!”

    “No, Lucifer, I used you not. Remember just who asked who.
    I simply gave you permission to do what you wanted to do.
    If you think about it, you had it made long before this calamity.
    You see, so many in America had turned their backs on Me.
    You woke them up, and they realized their freedom was at stake.
    In doing so, you brought them back to Me. That was your mistake.”

    Satan once again defeated, took his demons back to hell.
    He thought he’d beaten America when both the towers fell.
    Forgotten were the days of patriotism, faith and prayer.
    But Satan was reminded that God’s foundation was still there.
    America will not be taken down by Satan or his evil band.
    We’ll call on Almighty God to protect us with His mighty hand.

    America the beautiful, no terrorist can bring us down.
    We’ll stand united, under God, in every city and town.
    One nation, indivisible, ready to answer our country’s call.
    We’ll bring terrorism to an end, and guarantee freedom for all.
    With God, we cannot lose this fight, together we must pray
    That He will write our battle plans, and bless the USA.

    And on this anniversary of that infamous day in September,
    The message rings out loud and clear: We always must remember
    Those who died by Satan’s hand, and those left in their wake.
    And don’t forget our men and women who fight for freedom’s sake.
    But, most of all remember Satan wants to rule this land,
    And he will win if we don’t hold on to God’s protective hand.


  8. This was written in 2012. Never forget.


    Had a belly full
    of boy
    and a brother
    at the Pentagon
    the day the towers

    were among those
    who watched in
    terrible technicolor
    to see what
    would happen next
    gasping without breath
    when the second one
    disappeared before our
    very eyes
    for the phone to ring
    watching the screen
    unable to move as
    ash rained down over
    these two
    erased places
    my son
    will never

  9. If I am a Tower Crumbling

    I know things.
    I taste the assault of air
    -plane, fire,
    fear. I hear
    the screams. I sense the
    rushed footsteps in my stair
    -wells, breathe the hushed
    swells of smoke
    and ash and
    singed hope.
    I count the seconds,
    minutes, watch my windows
    open to a
    bitter freedom.
    I feel the sidewalks shudder
    and the sky utter
    an unhinged
    cry of time
    split in two.
    I know who
    ran out,
    and who
    ran in.
    I know the din of
    twisted metal,
    bone, breath, skin,
    and sacred fight
    can suddenly collapse
    into so much
    And I know that
    when I fall,
    I can rise again
    as light.

  10. Witness, Survivor

    When September 11th is mentioned,
    whether in conversation or in
    a segment of news, I see them.
    Those buildings. Flames shoot
    out at impact of plane crash.
    My building first. Watch it
    vanish, crumble into dusty
    debris. Every man and woman
    on this bus watches in horror,
    mouths agape. Second building
    falls, people jump from windows.
    Sand stark as a desert floor. Only
    the beginning of nightmares
    to come. I wish I could forget;
    I know I never will.

    (original date 2018)

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