What did you wish lasted forever? What has lasted until now? What does your future look like? Write from your life’s perspective.


Alternatively, write a poem about either nothing, a last poem or a forever poem.




This is the last prompt from the P.E.O.D. further instructions will be posted soon.



    One approaches the last poem warily
    and at times might construct it contrarily,
    but however it’s done
    it’s the end of the fun.
    But a limerick? Not necessarily.

  2. MY LAST BREATH, by Walter J Wojtanik

    You are my last breath,
    the soft in and out of life.
    Without you I gasp,
    longing for you to fill me.
    Bring me back to life, always.

    Take my breath away,
    I give it for you to live.
    To resuscitate
    our love is my fervent wish,
    with a lasting breath from our parted lips

  3. An experiment here

    Love Eternal

    I am born
    Grandma loves me, God loves me
    Grandma dies
    I grow up, have a family
    Grandma becomes Grandma.
    You grow up, have a family
    Grandma dies
    Grandma loves you, God loves you.
    I am born

  4. Eternity Is Real

    E verything will end
    T hat’s what people say
    E ven the earth will perish
    R ight from beneath our feet
    N ever have I believed this
    I have read the Book and
    T he truth is very clear
    Y et so many don’t believe

    I fail to understand why
    S o many think this is all there is

    R emove the blinders
    E ternity is a reality
    A nd we’re all in the mix
    L ife will go on forever

  5. Forever

    He is the First and Last
    As is His Son
    Forever They remain
    The Two as One

    So will the souls of man
    Forever live
    Behind these bodies leave
    The earth to give

    In life we make a choice
    Before last breath
    No turning back the clock
    Once we taste death

    So friends choose wisely now
    Forever waits
    Please choose to walk on through
    Those Pearly Gates

    The only other choice
    Forever looms
    As an eternity
    Of pain and doom

  6. A Moment in Time

    It would be hard to pinpoint perfection
    if I should to be frozen in the moment
    where the stream of time will not flow again

    My mind would wander over memories
    of every sublime event and treasure
    attempting to choose the superlative

    Maybe, just maybe, the best I could choose
    a balmy night with stars owning the sky
    and you, my love beside me forever…

    Ah but I wonder, would you choose that, too?

  7. Passion

    What gives meaning to your work,
    great sense of satisfaction–passion.
    Learning new skills, taking up
    new hobbies, possessing a zest
    for life–passion.
    Remember that sizzling, tingly
    feeling when you connected with
    someone new?–passion.
    Would that some genius
    could bottle passion
    in a fashion that would allow
    it to last forever. Passion
    is my lasting wish.

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