The Quote:

Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire. ~Gustav Mahler

How do you preserve the fire? What tradition (if any) do you hold dear?


Alternatively, find a quote that inspires you and write to that!


BURN THIS TRADITION, by Walter J Wojtanik

It is every parent’s honored mission
to hold close to this one tradition,
all for this annual condition
we call Christmas. It’s your decision,
but I give to you my permission
to call it yours too! Listen,
Christmas is one time of year,
where people fill with Christmas cheer,
it is the reason we come back here
to hearth and hearts we hold so dear.
And little ones perplexed with fear,
think, “were they really good this year?”
I’ve honored Christmas each December
as far back as I can remember,
traditions are a glowing ember
that catches on fire in shades of amber.
Filling lives in greater numbers
with so much love, a special caliber
of which you’ve never known.
For it is Christmas love that’s shown,
a love that truly is home grown.
It’s this “tradition” that we hone,
one we cannot leave alone.
I’ve seen it everywhere I’ve flown.
So while I’m flying for this cause,
from high up here I’m filled with awes,
despite our very human flaws
I’m happy I can take this pause
to celebrate with you because
tradition says I am Santa Claus.