It seems the consensus of our poets is in favor of this challenge. With the comments posted, Marie and I look forward to those participating in this month long celebration of poetry. We have conducted this challenge in the past and have come up with some special works. I do not anticipate this year’s to be any different. Here are some of the particulars of this challenge.

1. I will post a prompt every OTHER day. This takes a burden off of you to perform when summer beckons. It is meant to be a memoir challenge, featuring poems about your world, your lives or perspective. However, I will try to post an alternate suggestion for those who are not enthused to write personal poems.

2. As you know, we never close the garden gate. So if you miss a few prompts, please feel free to return and catch up. There is a potential for 16 poems through to the end of July.

3. When July comes to a close, you’ll get a chance to edit, organize and assemble your chapbook memoir. I’ll give instructions on how to submit them at a later date.

4. While you’re waiting for that, think of a title for your collection.

5. Have fun and write. That’s the main reason we’re here. And spread the word of what we’re up to. We always welcome new poets.

6. As we write our poems, please keep in mind also that the regular workings of this site will be put on a hold until August!