Another Summer on our doorstep. I don’t know about you, but the weather has been disappointing around here. A lot of rain and no chance to keep up with the high grass! But, that’s not the typical vision of summer. Give us an image of the idylls of Summer to make the anticipation of this season worth our while. Evoke a smile, illicit a tear, give your Summer whatever twist it needs to make us forget the lead up into its arrival. We, the people expect more from Summer than most months of the years. Write your preamble to Summer.



People are joking,
Poking fun at Ohio.
But this mild June
Has me beguiled.
Too soon, we will
Sweat, and I bet
Some will regret
Their protests,
Once oppressive heat
And mosquitoes meet
Beneath the firecrackers –
Hijackers of all that
Makes me swoon this June.

So chill. Grab the grill
While it’s still cool.

Grammar school!
Error there:
Not cool grill, but cool air.

Make the most of June –
She’ll be gone soon.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019



I walk along the shoreline. Evening has lowered her veil showing her sumptuous soft features laced by her endearing charms. Darkness sweeps the horizon as if her arms had become heavy and fall slowly to her side. I slide my hand into hers when she would allow it and we steal soft whispers and the most delicious tender kisses, a bliss unknown to us so far. And as the stars find their spaces, our faces are graced by a glow so bright it can be seen for miles and miles of smiles for a summer night!

waves washing away
the harshness of  summer days
as the night smiles

(c) Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

42 thoughts on “PROMPT # 253 – PREAMBLE TO SUMMER

  1. On the way to writing this rispetto, the above haiku came into being

    At eventide God starrifies
    The sky with pinpricks into heav’n.
    A stream of angel voices rise
    A thousand dancing on each pin.
    The stars above and turf below
    Bring harmony to restless earth
    Assuring us of this new birth
    Within us, light of heaven glows

    • Darlene, your two poems are an e ample of what we’re trying to cultivate with the Exercise in Poetic Thought. There are many inspirations upon which we can draw. And sometimes there many thoughts that will bloom from that one bit of information that fuels our muse. Excellent examples. Walt.

      • Thanks for your kind words, Walt. Remember, I was a novelist first. I love brainstorming, can take a single scenario and come up with at least five ways to spin it in a novella collection instead of a single story. And different forms conjur different images. I love how you’re showing me how to do t he same kind of thing with poetry with your exercises in poetic thought.

  2. Here in the true southwest, the one near the ocean, our summer does not really come with the solstice. We experience it later, and it stays later, too. Nonetheless…

    Summertime Hues

    Dry season is here,
    there’s smoke on the horizon,
    hoses near rooftops.

    Some snow on the peaks,
    June days thirst for its melting.
    Rivers run weakly.

    Spring’s flowers fading,
    summer blooms still aborning.
    Seedlings need water.

    Red flowers open,
    pomegranates in waiting.
    We must make sun tea.

    Pink roses whisper.
    Bougainvillas scream color.
    Pastels will enchant.

    Epi’s bloomed briefly,
    cactus flowers much the same.
    I must call my Friends.

  3. Summer in the South

    Sometimes it starts in March
    But more likely in February
    Then it runs through November something
    It can even sneak in in January
    South summers have minds all their own
    They come and go as they please
    We Southerners know how to handle it
    With iced tea and a lemon squeeze

  4. Colorado Reunion Trip

    In summer time we hit the road
    The car is packed with heavy load
    We head for our short-term abode

    Our past reunions turned out great
    And so we all anticipate
    Let’s move along and not be late
    The past four weeks seemed to have slowed

    The plans we have inside our head
    To swim and hike till we feel dead
    While some would like to stay in bed
    Enjoy the trip is our firm code

    The sun is hot, the sky is blue
    The trees are green, the grasses too
    Anticipating things we’ll do
    Avoid the pass ‘cause it just snowed

  5. I know this is off the topic but it is what came to me today:


    A poet’s heart is full of dreams
    Some loneliness and endless schemes.
    A poet’s heart is dark and light
    our fantasies can all take flight.
    A poet has imagination
    and can give life to his creation.
    When things are crashing all around us,
    we use words to firmly ground us.
    Poems do not a new world make.
    They must be true and never fake.
    When all seems horrible and broken,
    things change when kind words are spoken.
    There is no need for them to rhyme
    but they reshape us every time.
    So take a shot at poetry.
    I know for sure it works for me.
    Emotions flow right from inside
    and find a verse in which to hide.
    Take some thoughts and give them wings.
    It might just lead to better things.

  6. At Last

    at sky
    each morning
    to seek sun’s smile of
    brilliance. When sky blue heaven met
    navy ocean and skin warmed in heat of day, I knew
    the season of leisure, and romance had finally arrived. I could indulge, carefree.

  7. Summer Roads

    We dined like kings amongst family and friends
    Testing our limits where the food never ends
    Tasting savory and sweet, cold and spice
    Teasing the senses by sampling twice

    We sipped strong coffees, teas, and smooth aged rye
    Occasional ales, and never asked why
    Picnicked in the park or seat of the car
    Outdoor sandwiches a delight by far

    We shared hugs at the thought of where we were
    Moments savored with a pinch just to be sure
    Simple conversation, laughter and tears
    Condensed to hours, catching up the years

    We gasped in awe at cloud shrouded mountains
    Where ledges and cliffs splayed their cold fountains
    Windows of sky leaked out peaks of glory
    While pines sang the soundtrack to the story

    We witnessed spring spawn, the valley’s full bloom
    Our hearts began to burst so faint of room
    Our hands traced the rocks the traveler honed
    Names of the pioneer chiseled in stone

    We perused the alleys of gathered art
    Chatted with the shopkeepers in the mart
    Held our breath traversing the lava gorge
    While base jumpers floated deep to the forge

    We surveyed the city’s angelic view
    While seated neath the cross on mountain pew
    Relearned of sacrifice, torment and plight
    Walking Anne’s memorial to human rights

    We tempted the time piece with old man’s wit
    While words whittled the hours bit by bit
    Reminiscing days and time long gone past
    That seemed like yesterday we moved so fast

    We spoke of memories, hopes and of dreams
    While creating the best or so it seems
    We dined like kings amongst family and friends
    Passing the limits where the love never ends

    Pictures –

  8. Shades of Summer

    If I could paint a summer day
    I would stroke the canvas
    with shades of green –
    The vibrant green of new grass
    The silvery green of the underside
    of Maple leaves, that flash when the wind blows
    The neon green of sweet potato vines
    flowing over the side of a large clay pot
    The blue-green of a noble spruce at the
    Edge of some woods
    The yellow-green of a hosta, lighting up a shady spot
    beside a country house
    Here and there, a bit of soft blue with dabs of white
    Then, just for fun, I’d splash it all with bits of yellow, orange, and red

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