The Duo-rhyme, a poetic form created by Mary L. Ports, is a 10 or 12-line poem, with the first two and last two lines having the same rhyme scheme, and the center of the poem (lines #3 through #8 or #10) having their own separate monorhyme scheme.

Meter: 8 beats per line, written in iambic tetrameter (4 linear feet of iambic)

Rhyme Scheme: 10-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a and 12-line: a,a,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,b,a,a



The Ten Line Poem


We write our poems every day
in every form, in every way.
The kinds of words the people read,
each day we poem, we succeed.
Not out of any dire need,
but rhyming words would plant the seed.
These worded pearls, this string of beads;
fantastic blooms amongst the weeds
All writers with poetic ways,
within this garden, their words play!

©  Walter J. Wojtanik – 2019


The Twelve Line Variant


I think I am like Sam I am,
I do not like green eggs and ham.
and with that said, you might agree,
it is a well grilled steak for me.
A baked potato too, I see,
one not too big and not quite wee.
I will not eat them in a tree,
I will not eat them on a spree.
I may just eat them on my knee,
but certainly, with some hot tea!
In lieu of steak I might eat spam,
but do not serve green eggs and ham!

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

51 thoughts on “INFORM POET – DUO-RHYME


    I think most folks shall never see
    a couple such as thee and me,
    who love to walk a different path
    along the river in the strath,
    enjoying poems made of math
    that we write on old slats of lath.
    Our tendencies incur the wrath
    of those from Liverpool and Bath
    who do not understand that we
    are fruits of serendipity.

  2. Two wonderful offerings, Walt, and the good Doctor must be grinning broadly, somewhere.

  3. POETIC DIVERSION (duo-rhyme)

    A duo-rhyme is mighty fine
    for poets getting out of line;
    it tends to foster grins and glee
    and sometimes serendipity
    because it bids all frowns to flee
    as sounds compound deliciously
    and monorhymes build, fast and free,
    in one iambic melody.
    Ah, yes, my friend, let’s sit and dine
    and duo-rhyme with words and wine.

  4. Funny …

    The Duo-rhyme is humorous.
    At any rate, it suits light verse.
    It has a twinkle in its eye.
    You chuckle, and you say, ‘O my!’
    It does not tower up on high,
    so lofty it might reach the sky,
    but plays down here with you and I –
    would rather make you laugh than cry.
    You say it can be serious?
    Surely nothing could be worse!

  5. Fluffy’s Flea

    Oh, that can’t be! What’s that I see?
    On Fluffy’s back their crawls a flea!
    How did that flea get on your cat?
    The cat that I just sat to pat
    As you and I began to chat
    A chat about your pussycat
    Only to see a flea just scat
    If it jumps off I’ll squish it flat
    Off to a bath and drown the flea
    Fluffy the cat will be flea free

  6. Of Peace and Bumble Bees

    I stopped to watch a bumble bee.
    It buzzed along, ignoring me
    then, just before it flew away,
    it looked at me as if to say,
    These plants are mine, but you can stay.
    Embrace the message they convey –
    a joyous, peaceful getaway,
    a spot of calm amid the fray.
    Where, for a moment, worry free
    you pause to thank the humble bee.

    • Thanks for that , Candace. The Pied-Piper has to provide something worth following! 😉 But really, I’m learning the process along with each of you. I just get an earlier jump on it than the rest.

  7. Today is upsy-daisy day.

    It’s upsy-daisy when I fall
    Which I’ve perfected, after all
    I hold the record for most splats
    It’s only when I’m laid out flat
    No matter how the facts are stacked
    My bottom always hits the sack
    As we go hopping round the track
    I think they’re playing tit for tat
    I used to rule the Easter ball
    Rememb’ring how they used to fall

  8. She’s Got to be Kidding

    My sister lost a lot of weight,
    so I did ask her what she ate.
    But she assured me that I knew,
    that losing weight’s not hard to do.
    I tried the plan where fats are few.
    Another where they’re higher, too.
    And one with veggies all day through.
    And bid delicious carbs adieu.
    And drinking water till I’m blue.
    Six-meal plan set my day askew.
    And so I know at this slow rate,
    I would be dead to see size eight.

  9. A Gourmet’s Delight

    Like technicolor, produce gleams,
    I have to buy some collard greens.
    Fresh-baked goods smell heavenly–
    pies of peach and strawberry.
    A cheese display from each country,
    and ground coffees, bins of tea.
    Samples of apple cider are free.
    Fudge in maple, chocolate with cherries.
    At Delicious Orchards it does seem
    like a gourmet’s wildest dream.

  10. .

    October 27, 1967

    A date which always gives me pause,
    when flying through the air I was.
    I can’t forget that fateful day,
    the artillery which came my way,
    no hiding from it, come what may,
    my name on those shells, so they say,
    no place to hide, no safe leeway,
    I only had one choice – to pray.
    Though in and out my mind would stray,
    my heart’s intent would not betray,
    as even bandaged, wrapped in gauze,
    I dwelled on hope, not that war’s cause.

  11. Part of the journey that got me to where I am today. We all have parts of our journeys that we should put into words.

    My Angel

    I looked for love both far and near
    A lonely life at times I feared
    I know I set my standards high
    But love for life’s my reason why
    I’d find the best or lonely die
    I journeyed on, the years flew by
    Tried once and failed; again I’d try
    Then finally God heard my cry
    And suddenly she did appear
    Sent straight from God, my angel dear

    • I so agree with your statement first and foremost, Earl.

      “We all have parts of our journeys that we should put into words. ”

      And with that said, I’m glad you have so much of which to write! Your faith and commitment to it inspires every time.

  12. For the Moments

    For the moments I raise a toast
    For the moments I cherish most
    Times remembered throughout my past
    Memories that will always last
    Like a play with familiar casts
    Vivid moments; blasts from the past
    Life flies by me way, way too fast
    Like a private live telecast
    For the moments I cherish most
    For the moments I raise a toast

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