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As we know, the Tanka is a Japanese poem of five lines. The first and third are composed of five syllables, and the other lines are written in seven. In Japanese, tanka is often written in one straight line, but in English and other languages, we usually divide the lines into the five syllabic units: 5-7-5-7-7. Write TWO different poems: one Japanese style (one straight line), and in the second divide the lines.




I walk with my sheep, it’s always just me and ewe. It is my firm belief, as I get to know my sheep, all my sheep will know me too!


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019



I stand in the road.
Up and down the street I peer.
Do I move forward
or return to where I’ve been?
Standing still would be a sin!


© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019


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93 thoughts on “INFORM POET – TANKA

  1. The tanka form was originally a “thank you” by ladies of the Japanese court to their lovers for a “night before”. The tanka is lush and sensual, the opposite to the older form, bussokusekika which means “footprint of Buddha”.

  2. For kanzensakura -Thanks Walt, a form I rarely use but really like.

    The zephyr whispers
    your name, sighs your scent to me
    my arms ache to feel
    the warmth of you. Time stands still
    in those moments as you leave.

    This exquisite pain leaves me trembling as I wait, long, for your return. Hurry sun on your journey to bring the moon back to me.

  3. I stand with my head
    too close to the stars and sky,
    stand on a grassy
    knoll of white chalk cliffs, and watch
    waves beat against rocks

  4. George Herbert

    Skinny man, big nose
    Born 1593, Wales
    Humble, loved poet
    Reflective, lyrical, deep
    Solid in faith, eloquent

  5. Walt – your Good Shepherd poem fits well with my morning’s scripture passage in John 10!

  6. Darlene Franklin on said:

    My daughter used words to weave my one tiara. Jolene did love me, I want to believe it’s so–I’ll wear my crown to own it

    Grandmas and grandkids
    God’s proof the world should go on
    Grandma holds a wand
    The kids say she’s magical
    The magic lies in their love

  7. Earl Parsons on said:

    Brutality reigns in their lost and twisted brains. So many in pain, driven by Satan insane. Only God can break the chain.

    • Disturbing, and well presented.

      • Earl Parsons on said:

        On many occasions the truth is disturbing. Nevertheless, we must press on in our efforts to get out the message of the Way, the Truth and the Life that can break Satan’s chains. In other words, if we love our neighbors, as God commands us to, then that love needs to be manifested in our desire to tell them the truth no matter the consequences. If we love our neighbors, then we don’t want them to perish into an eternity separated from the One and Only, True and Living God.

        We must spread the Word
        Tell the lost and dying world
        of the love of Christ
        His unselfish sacrifice
        That through Him we would be saved

        We don’t have to preach
        Our lives should be the message
        We must walk the walk
        And our words must talk the talk
        And through us they’ll see the Light

  8. Earl Parsons on said:

    The older I get
    The more I learn about life
    And about myself
    I apply all that I learn
    Or at least I think I do

  9. Earl Parsons on said:

    Since being introduced to this form in 2012, I’ve written quite a few. It’s one of my favorite forms, up there with haiku and appreciation (had to get that one in). This is one of my favorites from a poetry challenge of the past:

    Such Love

    Nails through hands and feet
    A crown of thorns on His head
    Weighted with our sins
    Hung from an ugly cruel cross
    Through it all, He still forgave

  10. Two Tanka

    In the constant rain, sun specks
    appear to taunt me, never staying out
    long enough, but watering can
    is full, plants are happy.

    in light of full moon
    the sky opens wide its arms
    i can see each star
    view seems closer on clear night
    I imagine touching stars

  11. Snow smushed lilacs. Just as well. I thought I was adventurous with my winter walk, but now I’ve got a cold. Can’t smell anything.

  12. William Preston on said:

    Our kisses last night
    called to mind the slanting light
    of the autumn moon
    suffusing the goldenrod
    as the last barn swallow left.

    The silhouetted canards of Canada geese pass over the field as purple filters the sky and mists arise in their wake.

  13. Wind Tankas

    When windows rattle, something lies behind the wind, something else has moved—a humid balm of tropics, stirred by cold northern bothers.

    When my heart rattles
    it is rarely of itself—
    some poet speaks out,
    thoughts and words challenging me.
    Stirred, my branches bend and sway.

    © Damon Dean, 2019

  14. Daniel Paicopulos on said:

    I release belief, my belief in all sickness, I release belief, my belief in confusion,
    so grateful for God’s wholeness.

    A tiny vein poke,
    taking one step at a time.
    My heart is willing,
    grace only a breath away,
    as I open to its joy.

    • Beautifully written, Daniel.

    • I never received official permission to speak here of your health issues, Daniel, and so I haven’t. I’m beyond thankful to see your words here again. Praying for you daily, and will begin praying “God’s wholeness.” I love that.

    • Earl Parsons on said:

      Daniel, I know not of your illness, but will confess that my faith in God, the willingness of my heart, the love of my family, and my inherent stubbornness has brought me through more than one dark time in the last decade or so. Hang firmly on God’s hand and He will see you through. God bless.

    • Your soul shines here, Daniel. The spirit of these is pure and embracing!

  15. Daniel, if this is personal then God’s blessings of health on you. I love the second one esp.

  16. My two types work together, but can also stand alone.

    Reminiscent of Matthew 5:45

    Coal black sky threatens
    When I turn to look this way.
    White clouds against blue
    When I turn the other way.
    And the sun shines on both sides.

    This afternoon’s sky – a vision of how the sun rises on both good and evil, and the rain falls on the just and the unjust.

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