The weakest part of my life can become the strongest part of my faith.

As we have progressed through this exercise of motivation, and in fact this entire excursion into poetry, it has become apparent that the major lot of us are very spiritual people. And in spiritual, I don’t necessarily mean highly religious, but that does enter into it at times. We believe this spirit comes from a Higher Power that tells us everything is possible if we have faith. Faith is more than merely believing. Faith is a devotion and trust even when we do not understand what God has in store for us. Man says … Show me and I will trust you. But His response is … Trust me and I will show you.

So this should be the best last word of our journey into motivation. How does your faith or your faith in something, motivate you? Write that FAITH poem.


My faith is not unshakable, nor grand.
But God is not reduced by human flaws.
For when my need is great and faith is dim,
His unrestricted love renews my hope.

While apprehension plots to halt my steps,
His ever-present guidance leads me on.
See, any strength you see in me is His.
Without His faith to feed on, I am numb.

Before I even recognized my need,
He sacrificed His Son to pay my debt.
It’s not my faith that led me to my Lord,
But Jesus’ love that led me to my faith.

It’s not my faith that led me to my Lord,
But Jesus’ love that led me to my faith.

Trust in Jehovah, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on his faithfulness. ~ Psalm 37:3

 © 2016, Marie Elena Good

Truth-be-told, I wrote this in 2016.  But it is my statement of faith, along with this one that I wrote in 2010.


One heart was freed
One soul was saved
One life unchained
One sentence waived
One died for me
One took my place
One sacrifice
One act of grace
One Holy God
One Trinity
One Perfect Lamb
One thankful me.

 © 2010, Marie Elena Good

I’m sorry to have not written a new one for this prompt yet.  It has been one busy week.



Seeing is believing,
and yet looks can be deceiving.
You can have your questions,
but it is laid out there for you to accept.
Except, you’re from Missouri
and you’re in a hurry to be shown.
You can demand proof and appear
aloof and arrogant. Some believe
although they have not seen.
This is a leap of faith.
You can have your doubts,
but without faith, you have nothing.

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2019

This poem was repeated from Robert Lee Brewer’s prompt “Leap of Faith” at Poetic Asides