If you think yourself to be too great for small tasks, then you are too small for the great ones.

A person should know their limitations. Confidence is a great thing, but over-confidence can rub people the wrong way and be your undoing. We are merely poets, only human. We are each subject to the same ups and downs as the next person. We were all given degrees of talent, but no one is truly so high up that they cannot fall. In this humongous fish bowl in which we live, we are merely plankton. But, plankton with potential. Where others strive to put themselves above everyone else, some choose to let their “greatness” be determined by others. In the meantime, we offer our words for those we know will read and enjoy them. We show our paintings to the ones who would appreciate our work. We play our songs for those who are in tune with our music/lyrics. We all find our niche with humility, remembering the old movie adage, “There are no small roles, only small actors!” Here at POETIC BLOOMINGS we have come to realize similar sentiments. We have become a community, a family with no regard to age, or ability, just a likeness of mind. There are no small poems/poets. There are just poems and poets, and in that embrace, we will all find our greatness in those who matter.

Write of humility. Humble in your life or in the world. We are all better for it.



I bring to the garden my birth-month flower,
And admit to being drawn to her modest, unassuming style.
She seems unconcerned that she is common.
She simply embraces her meaning:
Winning grace.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019




I found my poetry, and as such
I found myself. I discovered I had a heart
that rhymed in compassion and beat to the meter
of a well worded verse. The course of my thoughts
followed in kind, for my mind searched for
the emotions that corresponded to those
tendrils of imagining. I admitted much to myself,
knowing my indiscretions through the words
I used to express them. Humility came in the
release of such things and they would bring me
to each new revelation. It has become my
salvation; made me a better man.
I stand here today, no worse for wear
for there I have revealed the true me.
A humble self-discovery through poetry.

© Walter J Wojtanik- 2019

51 thoughts on “PROMPT #244 – MOTIVATION: HUMILITY

  1. How wonderful you words, Walt, they display the tapestry of honesty that accompanies a truly humble heart.
    And we are all so glad to be in the company of a deeply content and glowing marigold like you, Marie.
    You, and your words, are both rare and treasured blessings.

  2. Thoughts on humility (although not as motivation)

    Humility is a wonderful trait
    But if you think you have it
    You deceive yourselfbbelo

  3. And to my Savior, who humbled himself to death on the cross. . .a Resurrection Day song

    Verse 1
    Today is Sunday
    And I’m rejoicing
    For he has risen
    From the dead

    The resurrection
    Has set me f ree
    To live again

    Verse 2
    On Friday he died
    And I was saddened
    I didn’t know
    He died for me


    Verse 3
    All day Saturday
    I cried, alone and scared
    For he was buried
    Within a tomb


    Verse 4
    But now it’s Sunday
    The tomb is empty
    The stone’s rolled away
    For all to see


  4. Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less. – C. S. Lewis.

    Our eyes should be on Him
    mirroring His grace
    then we look at others
    reflecting His face.

  5. Walt “A humble self-discovery through poetry.” that is a wonderful revelation. I do like that.

    Marie, I love the language of flowers and your meaning was hand-picked for you.

  6. I;m cheating some, because I used this for Poetic Asides today too, but what the heck…


    He draws
    a humble sketch,
    but it would make one retch
    to think that it’s of him, for that’s
    a stretch.

  7. A Humble Wonder

    I tried to sketch a dandelion
    An early sign of warmer days
    A memory of childhood games
    A feast for waking bumble bees

    I tried to sketch a dandelion
    The bane of lawn enthusiasts
    The nemesis of gardeners
    The most persistent of the weeds

    I tried to sketch a dandelion
    Its yellow rays
    Its spiky leaves
    Its hollow stem

    My pencil traced across the page
    But could not capture the true wonder
    Of this small flower – so reviled
    So revered, yet so humble

  8. Seaweed and Pond Scum

    Marine plants produce
    seventy to eighty percent
    of earth’s oxygen.

    If God can use lowly algae
    in such a fantastic way,
    surely, He can use us.

  9. Why do I think the world
    Stops when I cry?
    As if I were the sky
    Showering life.

    Why do I think the day
    Begins when I smile?
    As if my teeth were
    As bright as the sun.

    Why do I think the planet
    Spins when I love?
    As if my heart were
    The pull of the universe.

    Why do I think when
    I try I must succeed.
    Meager boy you are
    Not a shooting star.

    And you don’t want to be.
    You don’t want to fly so far
    Away from home,
    Shine so bright
    You will burn out.

    Why don’t you see
    You’re a flower.
    Unique, beautiful,
    And amongst a garden
    That shares your virtue.

    • RYAN! I’m so sorry your poem got caught in our “pending” file, and went unnoticed for 4 days. So happy to see you here, and oh my goodness this poem … absolute perfection. Just absolute perfection.

      Welcome to Poetic Bloomings. Walt offers inspiring prompts every Sunday morning. Hoping to see more of you here!

      Marie Elena

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  10. Patches

    In our constant struggle
    to become better human
    beings, we have merely chipped
    at the surface. When I meditate,
    I feel a humble peace in being
    just another square of fabric
    in the world’s quilt.


    H umans aren’t good at self-examination
    U litmately we tend to over inflate our already
    M assive egos to the point of undeniable
    I ndignation even in spite of
    L ongstanding evidence of our
    I gnorance of historical facts
    L eading headlong into the abyss of
    Y et another need for humbleness

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