Overcome adversity to win against all odds

In a sense, this prompt blends the qualities of a few others offered in this exercise.  That we find the stamina and strength to stay the course says much for our abilities. We endure for that’s what we were put on this earth to do. From birth to the earth, we were meant to do good with the gifts we’ve been given. Anything else would be cheating ourselves and denying our legacy. And it would be denying the Giver of such a gift. We were built for this life. Carry on until they carry us off. Against EVERY odd, that’s a win!



Write on

When rain drizzles poems
on sopping paper,
this sprinkling leaving no inkling
of the tome that dripped
from heart to pen to
now muddled, now leaked, now
never to speak its heart …
Resist the urge to
throw the pen.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019




It’s all inside my head
they said,

They may be correct.
Who’d expect

headache issues to last
well past

a year’s duration.
No elation

comes from this condition,
my suspicions

rise to a new low.
I know

all things take time,
but I’m

at my wits end.

these pains away,

I’m cured.
It’s absurd

to live in this cloud
for crying out loud.

(C) Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

25 thoughts on “PROMPT #242 – MOTIVATION: ENDURANCE

  1. Brief

    Because life is brief,

    I wake early,
    and then late to bed.
    No real dread or regret
    do I give time.

    Not like a sunflower’s surrender
    or winter’s blackened apples.

    Life is luminous, a tide
    with a degree of knee-jittering

    and I am always joyous for
    brown salty skin of summer

    because life is brief.

  2. Of Weeds and We

    We should all be weeds
    Quick to bloom
    Slow to wilt

    Sure of who we are –
    Yet humble
    Reaching toward the light

    And when darkness come –
    We know it will-
    Always holding onto our roots

    Until it is time to grow once more

  3. Keep on keeping on
    That’s the secret to endurance
    It persists
    Accepting pain and suffering

    Endurance is exceedingly patient
    It keeps on keeping on
    It requires extensive adaptions
    But no external hardships cause a halt.

    The extreme work ethic
    Rewards extravagday antly
    Keep on keeping on
    No price too exorbitant

    Its extraordinary faith
    May yearn for yesterday
    But takes day day each as it comes
    Keep on keeping on

  4. Proof of Endurance

    Possessing endurance
    always comes as a
    surprise to me. You see,
    I never thought
    I would need it.

    Tests of endurance
    include: living a life
    after the ones you loved
    are not; staunchly sitting
    still through great pain
    that you never thought
    you could bear; continuing
    to live day by day instead
    of opting out.

  5. To the Extreme

    I have stick-to-it-ness
    until I find myself beating
    the proverbial dead horse.
    Perhaps I have endurance
    to a fault.

  6. A little late here. We made our way home from a couple weeks up North and the hotel just didn’t inspire me to write.

    They Say….

    They say
    Keep on keeping on
    What exactly does that mean?
    Where is one keeping on to?

    They say
    Never back down; never give up
    What if you’re on the wrong side?
    What if God has other plans for you?

    They say
    Go big or go home
    But just how big should one go?
    And what’s wrong with being home?

    They say
    Only you can change your life
    If that’s true, then what about God?
    Isn’t he the Great Life Changer?

    They say
    Go you own way
    If we all followed this advice
    we’d all be living lonely lives

    They say
    The best is yet to come
    What if it already came
    and we missed it?

    They say
    You only live once
    Well, some of us believe otherwise
    It’s that eternity thing, don’t you know

    I say
    Live life to the fullest
    Trust God in all things
    Never let life get you down
    And, most importantly
    thank God every day for everything
    and everyone in your life

    © 2019 Earl Parsons

  7. Speaking of endurance, I guess this one for the April PAD fits this challenge. It’s a little long, but, if you know me, that’s the way I likes to write them.

    Cutting Heads

    Joe uncased his 62 Strat
    An excellent reissue
    Hit the stage for his audition
    And plugged into the studio amp
    He’d planned to dazzle them
    With Van Halen’s Eruption
    He’d worked it to the note
    And could do it in his sleep

    He checked tune and waited
    For the cue to start playing
    Meanwhile from stage right
    Another man marched out with
    A maroon Les Paul Custom
    The stranger plugged up and tuned
    And ripped Eruption as a warm-up
    He smiled and shook Joe’s hand
    There was trouble brewing

    From the middle auditorium seats
    Behind the stage lights came a voice
    Announcing the audition rules
    Rules never before discussed
    Rules that would change everything
    In the way they had auditioned before

    The two of them would be cutting heads
    Dueling back and forth without a break
    First one would challenge then the other
    One mistake each would be allowed
    No more
    Last man playing would get the spot

    Then the sound of a silver dollar rang
    As it flipped and landed on an arm
    It came up tails so Pete would go first
    That was the name of the stranger
    The one that ripped Eruption
    Now what would he rip next

    He started off simple, Joe thought
    With the back solo from Hotel California
    Not a lick missed for him or for Joe
    And it relaxed both of them a bit

    Joe flew through Sultan’s of Swing
    And so did Pete
    On to a little Pride and Joy
    Both nailed it
    Joe wailed on Jessica then suddenly
    Pete joined in on harmony
    Hot for Teacher hit the playlist
    They both rocked the house
    Sharp Dressed Man
    While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Reelin’ In The Years
    Whole Lotta Love
    Sweet Child O’ Mine
    And even a little B. B. King
    And they both stood strong
    No mistakes
    No hesitations

    Pete thought it was time to pull out the big guns
    He played the jam of jams, Stranglehold
    But Joe was still right there in the mix
    Then came Surfing With The Alien
    Where Pete made his first mistake
    Now it was getting serious
    No second chances for Pete
    So he really, really ripped Eruption
    And so did Joe

    The audition went on and on
    One hour, two, and then four
    Pete held on with one mistake
    While Joe stood flawlessly tall

    Then Pete thru in a zinger
    One banned in so many guitar shops
    The one that so many start off with
    But Joe had never paid much attention to
    Pete thru in the Jimmy Page signature
    Stairway To Heaven……

    And the score quickly evened out
    The next mistake maker would walk
    It was time for a desperate, radical move
    So Joe tied a red bandana around his head
    Turned up the gain and distortion
    And blasted out Hendrix’ Woodstock version
    Of The Star Spangled Banner
    It was breathtaking

    Pete answered the call
    For the first few bars or so
    But after a finger fumble here and there
    Simply stopped
    Packed up and
    Headed for the exit

    But before he could get off the stage
    The house lights came up
    And they called him back

    They told him that Joe had won the slot
    But that they were making a second one
    Because they had never heard such perfection
    From a Strat player and a Les Paul guitarist
    And they had to have both in the band

    Because of Joe and Pete primarily
    The band went from mediocre
    To the top of the rock’n’roll charts
    Faster than any band ever
    They became the cream of the crop
    The top of the heap
    The best of the best
    The envy of all

    © 2019 Earl Parsons

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