A new feature we’ll present here on the occasional Friday in lieu of a poetic form is EXERCISE IN POETIC THOUGHT. The idea behind it is meant to be a spring board into finding your own poetic nudge, your own poetic process through these offerings. They will vary in scope and magnitude. I hope you will find them useful.


For today’s exercise, I am offering ten words. Your lone chore here is to write ten random lines featuring one of the ten words in each line. You’re not writing a poem (yet). You are just developing ten random lines still thinking about their poetic potential. They should not be related in anyway.

Here are examples of what I mean. These are not a part of your exercise, just examples. Say three of the words are fear, green and Wednesday. You would write something like:

1. She never lets fear persuade her decisions.

2. The grass in the meadow is finding it’s usual green hue.

3. Come Wednesday he should know his fate.

All random disassociated thoughts with potential. That’s all we’re doing today.


The words for your consideration today are:

walk,  Autumn,  carrot,  lake,  race,  embrace,  song,  throw,  annual,  ego



1. They would walk through the years, ever searching for their heart’s desire.

2. The spray of Autumn touched in vibrancy all in its path.

3. Their offer came as a carrot dangled on a short string.

4. The lake between them would join them, not divide them.

5. Life’s race became more of a marathon than a sprint.

6. She held his embrace for as long as she could, for tomorrow morning he’d be gone!

7. There was song in her voice, a melody loving and lilting.

8. Each time he threw his heart out there, it got trampled underfoot.

9. It became an annual event, where he mourned her loss and she celebrated his departure.

10. Ego would not allow his apology and she required neither.


  1. Walking the walk means talking the talk or it’s just meaningless drivel.

    Autumn separates the season of heat from the session of cold

    Parsnips; the big white carrots

    We rocked on the front porch overlooking the emerald green morning mist that covered the lake

    It’s not important that you win, but that you finish the race

    The embrace of a loved one can quell even the most ferocious of fears

    Life is a song with endless changes of tempo and lyrics

    We can’t all throw unhittable fast balls

    The annual manual was published rubbish

    An ego, unrestricted, unchecked, and uncontrolled will eventually kill the host

  2. 1. A walk to the right place can change your life.
    2. The Autumn of life holds all our promise gained.
    3. Carrot orange is as pure as a color gets.
    4. The sound of lake waves on the beach always sooths mysoul,
    5. Passion is the essence of the race.
    6. There is no greater comfort than a genuine embrace.
    7. No song can ever truly express what the heart wants to sing.
    8. It is easier to throw it away than it is to save it.
    9. I feel the necessity of annual renewal.
    10. There is nothing more fragile than an ego.

  3. 1. I walk to work every morning, from my bed to my desk.
    2. As wonderful as Autumn’s glory is, winter’s emptiness follows behind.
    3. Carrot Top doesn’t resemble a carrot at all. I’ve never seen a carrot that color.
    4. Maine lake waters offer little warmth, even in summer.
    5. The race gun fires, and I stumble out of the gate.
    6. An embrace requires just the right distance between us.
    7. When there’s a song on my lips, there’s joy in my heart.
    8. Throw your ideals ahead of you and run after them.
    9. Birthdays are an annual affair for most of us
    10. Ego is a monster best ignored.

  4. A long walk, a hike, snow-shoeing, climbing make me feel alive.

    Crunching leaves on and autumn day, nippy air and spicy scent remind me of my childhood days.

    I like the sound of crunching carrots, makes me think of action rather than eating.

    A lake is called a loch in Scotland; it took me a long time to realize this.

    I can picture my hubby in his new power wheel chair in a race with others with like disabilities.

    Holy Spirit, embrace me in this quiet hour.

    It’s a simple song, Hokey Pokey, but I feel accomplished, playing it on my ukulele.

    It’s time to throw out the trash and greet the big, black dog that walks with me along the fence line.

    Soon, it will be time for the annual conference, but we’re not having it this year.

    Some say President Trump has a giant ego and I say hurrah, otherwise the criticism of his adversaries may be his undoing.

  5. Ten Thoughts

    What would it feel like to walk through a cloud?
    Auguries of late Autumn bring on chills.
    Softened in a beef stew, a carrot’s flavor is sweeter.
    Haunting is the tremulous sound of a loon across the lake.
    I have never understood the “race for space”.
    She fell into his embrace and felt herself melting.
    Their song was no longer her song.
    He missed the throw and his team lost.
    Attractive annual flowers are blooming.
    His ego allowed him to think he was witty.

  6. My 10 thoughts

    1 They meet every morning to walk and talk

    2 Autumn hides her dark side behind a veil of orange and yellow

    3 She planted tiny carrot seeds, then she prayed

    4 It was a small lake – maybe more of a pond

    5 I choose not to run this race

    6 No mere embrace can make me weak

    7 It was a quiet sort of song

    8 I tried to replace that ratty blanket with a new throw

    9 My garden was a riot of annual colors

    10 Even the most beautiful bird is not burdened by ego

  7. Sometimes a walk is just a walk, no destinations need apply.

    Here, near the ocean, summer exits the stage slowly, Autumn’s arrival impatient in the wings

    Given a choice in the matter, I’ll always opt for carrot before stick

    It’s not hard learning to swim, but it helps if you live on a lake.

    It takes more than a three-legged race and a messy egg toss to make a picnic special.

    I think that today, I will embrace uncertainty, find ease in not knowing.

    Belt out a hearty song, you can’t possibly go wrong.

    Someone besides me will be the one to throw my stuff away.

    It’s here again once more, time for that annual chore.

    Trace elements of ego, so visible in God’s microscope.

  8. Most intriguing, Walt!

    1. The walk to the gate became harder.

    2. ‘Autumn is so changeable,’ she said.

    3. ‘If I eat this carrot, will it make me see you better?’

    4. The lake was flat and glassy, and full of cloud.

    5. I wanted to go slowly but you turned it into a race.

    6. The wind surrounds me in a startling embrace.

    7. After the song was sung, and the music tidied away …

    8. Oh, throw your arms around me again!

    9. The annual boat race was cancelled suddenly.

    10. The ego is a fragile thing, they say.

  9. Sorry that I’m late. I wrote these yesterday, and forgot to post them.

    A proper walk requires a red flannel shirt
    My feet scuff through autumn leaves and moss
    I want a cat the colour of carrots
    My secrets sank into a silty lake
    Two grey squirrels race around the garden
    Wind embraced the corn, then blew it down.
    Rain on the lake writes its own song
    Sun! Sun! Throw open the windows!
    I am an annual flower, going to seed
    Bless the ego of sky-blue cornflowers

  10. Hi, friends. I peeked in here to see what I’ve missed, and found this awesome exercise. Here are my lines: http://phoenix-em.com/mariyakoleva/exercise-in-poetry-thoughts/

    and list-like:

    1. I walk alone in the garden of Eden where flowers bloom in fairy tale haze.
    2. Autumn follows summer playing with it, not chasing, just singing in a duet of increasingly ragged tunes.
    3. The best sun screens for children contain carrots thus making a jolly triangle of orange childhood.
    4. Mirroring the snow-white peak is the lake, quietly caressing me.
    5. You can’t win at a rat race unless you’re a rat.
    6. Yoga teachers always say, “Embrace yourself”. Are we allowed to pray?
    7. Who can hear the song of the cricket?
    8. Throw a ball of snow.
    9. I used to take part in annual competitions, I used to be thrilled and wanted to win.
    10. One’s greatest struggle is the one for subduing one’s ego.

  11. Walk – She took a walk to clear the air.

    Autumn – The crunch of leaves under foot, a sign Autumn has arrive.

    Carrot – Fitting into the dress was like the dangled carrot she was about to eat.

    Lake – The expanse of water before her was a lake that wasn’t supposed to be.

    Race – Her heart fluttered and began to race.

    Embrace – Until she embraced life alone, happiness eluded her.

    Song – The smile on his face was the song in her heart.

    Throw – Throw off the bad, be doused with glad.

    Annual – Spring has sprung, bed time for annuals!

    Ego – Even the most graceful can trip on their ego.


  13. 1. They walk in the woods hand in hand, watching the sun cast shadows on the ground from the sky above.
    2. Autumn is that time of the year when the trees don beautiful gowns of scarlet, orange, and yellow.
    3. The sturdy carrot root sprouts first its green light finery.
    4. Sunbeams dance on the lake under the bright summer sun.
    5. Tis not to race but to wander dreamily or walk with purpose.
    6. The man embraced his wife on her return as though he had missed her terribly.
    7. My song shall be of mournful tunes though the melody be light.
    8. The child throws the petals in the marriage ceremony, sprinkling them on the ground with great delight.
    9. Planting the garden with grandchildren became an annual event.
    10. Ego must not get in the way of devotion.

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  15. very late to this intriguing party — so I’ll quietly catch up 🙂

    1. Step lightly into the shadows, for it’s the moon’s sister who walks here.

    2. Eat the leaves to absorb Autumn’s colourful skin, remembering the flesh.

    3. Rake the green lace through your fingers for the carrot loves to be tickled.

    4. Silence is the canoe’s slip, the ripples the lake’s silver wake.

    5. She can’t fathom her own depths, time’s race erasing her mind.

    6. Stick a stamp on your lips, embrace me from this distance.

    7. The owl’s night song competes for my heartbeat.

    8. The cat fuzzles a whiskered twitch under the patchwork throw.

    9. Rise in brief fury, like the annual scarlet sage.

    10. You fried the morning’s eggs, having forgiven last night’s ego.

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