A new feature we’ll present here on the occasional Friday in lieu of a poetic form is EXERCISE IN POETIC THOUGHT. The idea behind it is meant to be a spring board into finding your own poetic nudge, your own poetic process through these offerings. They will vary in scope and magnitude. I hope you will find them useful.


For today’s exercise, I am offering ten words. Your lone chore here is to write ten random lines featuring one of the ten words in each line. You’re not writing a poem (yet). You are just developing ten random lines still thinking about their poetic potential. They should not be related in anyway.

Here are examples of what I mean. These are not a part of your exercise, just examples. Say three of the words are fear, green and Wednesday. You would write something like:

1. She never lets fear persuade her decisions.

2. The grass in the meadow is finding it’s usual green hue.

3. Come Wednesday he should know his fate.

All random disassociated thoughts with potential. That’s all we’re doing today.


The words for your consideration today are:

walk,  Autumn,  carrot,  lake,  race,  embrace,  song,  throw,  annual,  ego



1. They would walk through the years, ever searching for their heart’s desire.

2. The spray of Autumn touched in vibrancy all in its path.

3. Their offer came as a carrot dangled on a short string.

4. The lake between them would join them, not divide them.

5. Life’s race became more of a marathon than a sprint.

6. She held his embrace for as long as she could, for tomorrow morning he’d be gone!

7. There was song in her voice, a melody loving and lilting.

8. Each time he threw his heart out there, it got trampled underfoot.

9. It became an annual event, where he mourned her loss and she celebrated his departure.

10. Ego would not allow his apology and she required neither.