First, I need to apologize to this week’s poet. I had her pegged for posting her poem before the tribute last week, but I had put a date on the draft that took her off the grid. But, knowing her spirit and spirituality, I believe she understands. Believe! That is certainly a word that applies to this poet who is incredibly strong in her faith, and humility, which she includes in her poetry to great effect. Darlene Franklin is a published author who chose to “dabble” in poetry here at Poetic Bloomings. As stated, her words inspire and provoke thought and a desire to take “a closer walk.” In this sample of her work, False Bottoms, you can surely see what I mean.

FALSE BOTTOMS, by Darlene Franklin

I’ve made a career of excavation
If only I could dig through my problems—
And many have passed my way—
And my weaknesses—
Which increase in number as I grow older—
I would find solid ground
I could begin to truly live

Until I reexamined my architect’s design
Why did I want myself as my foundation?
The Lord is my rock
I have survived—
Even thrived—
Inside His fortress

What I see as weakness
Arms me with iron man strength
Unshakeable faith in a
Never changing
Always loving
God who ever was and is and shall be
Absolutes I swear to
Me, who never gives anything
A score of ten

With God as my Ten
And me as His instrument
I bring new binoculars
To my excavation
What discoveries await


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