Undertaking an unexpected exploration is a worthwhile endeavor

We are word explorers. Always on the hunt for the right thought to inspire and the right word to achieve our goal: write a cogent poem. Even if we do not head out with that in our sights, we find ourselves taking the chance to write the next fabulous verse. There is a sense of adventure in taking on that trek. We respect the art of expression and put ourselves out there to take others along for a ride. In the jungle of creative endeavors, we forge ahead to write this poetic adventure.


Root of the matter:
Life is no small potato,
so keep your eyes peeled.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019




We are two, adrift in open waters,
sailing as ships in the night.
We remain within each other’s wake,
as we chart our course long and uncertain
by the stars above. No shore
can define our route, only starlight
and stiff breezes. And here we seize
this very moment to please
and satisfy our sense of adventure.
I sends you a signal, a bright flare,
one heart’s semaphore to say
all that my flags can convey.
Turning into the wind,
we are two who began as friends,
finding our hearts beyond the sea.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019



Tomorrow starts “National Poetry Month” and presents the multiple challenges to write a poem a day. In the past, we here at POETIC BLOOMINGS backed off on our usual regimen to give our poets free reign to accept this adventure. This year will not be the case. We will proceed with our Sunday Seed prompt, our POETIC BLOOMINGS READING ROOM and our Friday Form/Exercise. Maybe these will provide a bit more inspiration in your endeavors to combine prompts write a diverse poem from both. Good luck in where you choose to contribute.