Synchronize with the nature order of life

When we think of harmony we usually think of sound, music. The tight connection, when right, is very pleasing to the ear. But as we’ve seen, harmony can be a synchronicity. It can be a balance of the cosmos where all the planets align. It is the syncopation of two hearts making one sound (again with the sound!). Harmony can be a point/counter-point, or it could be a precise mating of two things, true and equal. Think of how harmony comes into play in your world and write that thought into a poem!




Countless countries,
make-ups, cultures, and creeds
learning the language
through laughter and love.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019



SUNSET SONATA, by Walter J Wojtanik

The moon has long since crested, ready to rest in the bosom of day. Silence is the aria of morning, forming in crisp harmony with the symphony of coming light. Night creeps undercover in hopes of recovering her vigor. She has held aloft to guide stars in their journey, keeping pace on her cycle and spurning the tides to dance. But this is her chance to revive for the next new evening to arrive. The sun comes slowly to tuck her in, a great relief, perchance to sleep.

Crystal water sleeps
as life awakens beneath.
The day is new born.


37 thoughts on “PROMPT #240 – MOTIVATION: HARMONY


    Grey waves
    roll in, roll in
    while the whispering wind
    watches, and migrating sand dunes
    roll on.

  2. Walt, your imagery is soothing and mesmerizing at the same time. It reminded me of Cape Cod, and thus also inspired my effort.

  3. Harmony
    (a strombotto)

    When I write there is a stirring in my soul,
    Struggling to have ears to hear and eyes to see.
    Drawing near to the One who can make me whole,
    Causing dysfunction, distress and doubts to flee.
    To write something helpful and true is my goal.
    And sometimes my words will surprise even me.
    As His Holy Spirit gently takes control,
    We create together in sweet harmony.

  4. Tune my heart to harmony with all around
    Designated guardian of creation
    One in love and spirit with brothers blood-bound
    Wherever they’re found, in every nation
    Absorbing music from the spheres that surround
    Singing alleluia in adulation
    Heavenly echoes transform all things earth bound
    Harmony at the heart of recreation

  5. Marie, the span of your small poem is marvelous, your laughter and love universal. Loved this.
    Walt, your sunset sonata inspired me to go with morning…Love your “Night creeps undercover”…and this, I think, is my first haibun, which you do so well.

    Still Morning

    The slightest waft of breeze–the slow and soft heartbeat of morning in the air–barely stirs a scarcely visible steam above my coffee. It bids me to sip gently, to avoid the quietest move, to close my eyes so not a blink dares disturb the stillness. I am mesmerized by unusual calm, by how my own heartbeat slows, by all my muscles relaxing, by my respirations becoming nothing but an easy moving stream of air.

    a rare morning rests
    and ceases to rise, lays still
    sips time silently

  6. Feeling of Harmony

    When a group of friends
    or family harmonize,
    spinning stories, laughing,
    and enjoying a meal that
    was lovingly prepared,
    (dogs waiting obediently)
    the day becomes a musical

  7. A little late to the party. Wow! Such an august group of poets…beautiful words in such harmony. Here is my contribution:

    This Is Peace

    Desert sun walks softly
    Over sand blown smooth
    By lullaby winds,
    As guns rot back to minerals,
    Silently returning to rock.
    This is Peace!

    River runs a marathon
    To sea, who waits
    With open arms
    As fish school then dismiss,
    Rapidly riding crested waves.
    This is Peace!

    Forest stands beside meadow,
    Calling bird and butterfly
    To sacred dance,
    As wind plays harmony,
    Gently blowing zephyr’s tune.
    This is Peace!

    Moon sits in stillness,
    Contemplating enlightenment
    Amidst students of night,
    As serenity moves forward,
    Softly opening upon the path.
    This is Peace!

    Hearth cradles woman and babe
    With tender touch
    In dusk’s light,
    As fire leaps upward,
    Warmly blanketing mother and child.
    This is Peace!

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