They say with age comes wisdom, and reading the works of this poet is certainly to learn from his observations. Now, that’s not to say I consider him old, but wise even well beyond his chronological age. To call him sage, comes close. Having the heart and wit that puts him in a great poetic place, and “enough” to earn him Poet Laureate honors TWICE at Poetic Asides. Our hope is he stays true to his screen name to Press On in his poetic endeavors. We are happy to have this man in our stable of energetic and accomplished poets. In today’s POETIC BLOOMINGS READING ROOM we feature William Preston’s heart felt poem, “SITTING WITH AN OLD SETTER.”



The old dog’s muzzle now is gleaming white
where formerly it was a copper red;
she still consents to let me rub her head
but nowadays I keep my stroking light.

We’ve been together since she was a pup;
she loved to play throughout the livelong day;
it didn’t take me long to name her Gay
because her silky ears were always up.

But time has done its work, and now we two
are hoary as the January snow;
the time is coming fast for us to go
but till it comes, these quiet days will do.

The old dog’s muzzle now is gleaming white.
I see her still as young and hale instead,
but nowadays I keep my stroking light.


Marie Elena’s interview with William:


April 1st starts “National Poetry Month” and presents the multiple site challenges to write a poem a day. In the past, we here at POETIC BLOOMINGS backed off on our usual regimen to give our poets free reign to undertake this adventure. This year will not be the case. We will proceed with our Sunday Seed prompt, our POETIC BLOOMINGS READING ROOM and our Friday Form/Exercise. Maybe these will provide a bit more inspiration in your endeavors to combine prompts write a diverse poem from both. Good luck in wherever you choose to contribute.

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