Grow and develop through encouragement

The caring in a mother’s caress. The wisdom in a father’s smile. The support of a friend or mentor. All contribute to our sense of growth and confidence. There is a positive gentility to being helped along by others who have our interests in mind. As we grow in maturity (or battle the oldness of our age), we still find comfort in those moments we hold so dear. Write a nurturing poem, or of a moment that had contributed to your growth.


She searches in prayer.
He nurtures her there, and sets
her pen to poeming.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019




And she comes to me silently
a respite in a world gone wild,
offering her pointed shoulders
and ears meant to hear every
anguished breath from my chest.
She is the best at easing an anguished heart,
pleasing my sensibilities with
whispered words that build to
crescendo, and a blown kiss that serves
as a memento of her caring.
And she comes to share in every
good word she’s ever heard come
from his soul; she’s come to know his heart.
And from the start she’s felt the love
and caring, and therefore dares to care
and love even more. Love is a seed.
You plant many, but not all will blossom.
And it is natural to nurture these in the purity
of the warmest caress the sun can give,
and you will live in its blooming beauty. It is your duty
to return all she gives. The balance is simple.
You live to love and be loved. You offer your heart,
and naturally, she comes.

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019

40 thoughts on “PROMPT #239 – MOTIVATION: NURTURE

  1. Marie, your poem set me to poeming too, mainly to try my hand at haiku, which has always bedevilled me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Walt, your magnificent writing is both uplifting and enlightening, almost literally so. Wow.

  3. It’s Mutual

    My white cat purrs contentedly
    As I scratch that special
    Spot under her chin and
    I smile, wondering which of us
    Is doing the nurturing

  4. Well, I looked forward to a day of poeming with no success. I gave u
    p on one form to try another. I share them with your for your amusement/commiseration, and a shortened poem I intended to be longer than I abandoned because it’s there was no spark to it, just heart-felt truisms:

    I spent hours composing words from the title “Threads” for an anagramatical poem. My more successful lines were: She eats tasty treats that are tree-tested and Her terret’s the theater she treads and She rehearsed her trade at the retreat. I just can’t get the hang of writing poetry wiithout prepositions!

    Next I attempted an intramirroral and decided it was too difficult and forced after the first two lines: She nurtures when she ennables curious students
    We torture, then we disable furious prudence.

    So here are my eight lines of sappy poetry:

    Nurture the growing children
    So they may grow strong and blessed
    Surround them with loving kindred
    In their loving arms enmeshed

    Be kind to our seeking teens
    We’re not on competing teams
    Loosen tight-held apron strings
    They will fly away on wings

  5. Moving is Traumatic

    When I returned to New York
    after eight years of living
    in Portland, Oregon,
    anxiety rose up in me
    like a lion dwelled
    within. How to pick up
    scattered puzzle pieces,
    and fit them back into place.
    On moving day, my sister
    and nephew were present.
    The look of happiness
    on their faces downplayed
    the roar of the lion. They
    continue to nurture me still,
    by listening, and refraining
    from judgmental words. I am
    a flower budding
    in the soil of their arms.

  6. All Too Often

    All too often we forget
    The impact of their efforts
    The presence of their forgiveness
    Their prayers for our successes

    All too often we neglect
    Their attempts to make us better
    Their cries when we refuse them
    Their sorrows when we fail

    All too often we regret
    The way we disrespected
    The times that we rejected
    The pain we piled on their hearts

    They brought us into this world
    They bore the pain of delivery
    They tried to make us better
    Much better than they had been

    Until they are forever missed
    No longer there to reach out to
    No longer there to rely on
    No longer there to love

    No longer there….

  7. M-O-T-H-E-R

    M is for the Magic Moments Mothers Make
    The Moments that no other one can Make

    O is for her Open-hearted Optimism
    Always Optimistic even in the bad times

    T is for the Times They Teach Truthfulness
    Knowing that the world is full of deceit

    H is for Her Healing Hands and Heart
    At the ready for every kind of Hurt

    E is for Energetic, Ever-present, Enthusiasm
    Hoping that she passes it down the line

    R is for her Relentless Respectful Reasoning
    Always fair but firm and well thought out

    Put them all together, it spells MOTHER
    The one in your life that’s like no other

  8. Memories of a Wheel of Wind

    She was like that.
    A wheel of wind.
    My mother possessed the kitchen
    when she made bread.
    I watched in wonder,
    her softness of motion as she
    stood in a white floury cloud,
    stretching dough.
    She’d slap her hands on her apron,
    flour dust rising like scattered smoke.
    Everything seemed veiled
    in a wintery leak of sunlight.

    I was a crumb of a child.
    She was the soprano.

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