To say this space did not grow in status and beauty with the addition of Linda Rhinehart Neas, would be a gross understatement. She had come to add so much to the conversation of poetry here at POETIC BLOOMINGS. Usually one of the first respondents to the prompt, Linda makes quick work to get her point across. She is solid in her beliefs and her convictions, and they come through in extraordinary fashion in her verse.  Today I’ll offer two of Linda’s poems for your consideration, “The Gathering” and “Less Traveled.”


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THE GATHERING, by Linda Rhinehart Neas

The sun plays shadow games on apples newly picked.
Glowing garnet with flashes of gold and emerald –
jewels of the orchard – ripe with treasure.
Like benevolent pirates – Robin Hoods of farmland –
we harvest the best of the horde.
But what are jewels without settings – simply so many rocks –
so, we clean and polish, fitting our abundance
into bowls and baskets – offerings to those who thirst
for the crisp, bittersweet snap of apples newly picked.

POETIC BLOOMINGS – Day 10 – Autumnal P.A.D. – Harvest


LESS TRAVELED, by Linda Rhinehart Neas

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

Security can be a drug, an opioid of contentment.
Once addicted, life becomes predictable and commonplace.
Not one for blending in, I find joy in going where others don’t.
Disney World? No way!
I stand on the beach and watch wild dolphins play!
Manicured lawns? Not here!
My land is wild with shrubs, trees and flowers others call weeds!
Dress my age? What age might that be?
I am timeless, so dress accordingly –
why follow trends, when the palette of fashion
is rich with colors, textures and design!
Me, follow the flock? Heaven forbid!
I find joy traveling the dirt roads,
forgotten byways and highways, instead.

POETIC BLOOMINGS Prompt #221 – “And I Quote” #3

Rev. Linda’s blogs is Words From the Heart


  1. Both of these poems speak to me, but especially the first. It fits the part of New York state where I live; a nearby town likes to call itself “the core of apple country.”

  2. Linda! So happy to see your work honored in the Reading Room!

    William says both poems “speak” to him. I agree. This is something I consistently feel with your poetry. You speak of simple things I can relate to. And you do it beautifully.

    I have to ask, have you ever tasted an “Ever Crisp” apple? Oh my goodness the goodness! 😉

    • Yes, Marie, I have. Deeeeelicious! I think the nicest compliment any poet can receive is to hear that someone was touched by what the poet wrote. I am always thrilled by this. Mostly, because my poetry, like so many other poets, is personal. Therefore, we don’t think others will “get” what we are saying, because we don’t think it will relate to them. However, it often relates in ways we are never aware of, and that is just magic, to me.

      Thanks to Walt for this honor. I wish my Momma could see this post. I know it would make her day.

      With humility and gratitude for this honor!

  3. Linda, your poetry always speaks to me…that commonality of simple things among us as people (and poets) always bears a testimony to the wonder of life, nature, art, emotions. What could we write better about than that? Love both of these poems, especially the apple picking. So glad you are in the garden sharing with us all.

    • Thank you, Damon! I feel blessed to be in the garden with so many other wonderful poets, you included. I may not be a regular visitor, but whenever I have time, this is my favorite place to visit! Blessings!

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