Be open to a new point of view

Today, we look at the idea of perspective as a motivation. As poets, we can all look at a scene or situation and compose many different views of what we are presented. And all will be our own true and correct representations of what we each see. Can we give the visions that another poet offers a fair chance to sway our thinking or touch us in any way. We are working within the realm of point of view, the perspective we all capture in our own poetic eye, our own poetic voice. It is your choice. Write of the concept of two perspectives. Or take a poem offered by one of our poets or one of a favored famous poet and try to put a different view to work there (identifying and crediting said poem/poet). Be open. No two people see things exactly the same. But we can try.


Write from two points of view on your subject (a pro and con, a different focus for each)


In your poem, write one stanza with someone else as the character. Then in the next, yourself as the character.


Write on the concept of perspective itself.





They say we shouldn’t talk politics or religion
so, religiously,
we blind our eyes,
plug our ears,
close our minds,
and open our mouths.


They say we shouldn’t talk politics or religion
so, religiously,
we shun politics
while we de-bate what hooked us
and dragged us to our knees.


They say we shouldn’t talk politics or religion
so, religiously,
we set our jaws, and type
with furious fingers –
too often the same fingers that have
never cast a ballot,
raised themselves to seek answers to questions,
nor folded themselves to silently seek the
we religiously shun.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019



MIDDLE AGE SPREAD, Walter J Wojtanik

E. Joseph Cossman theorized that middle age is when your broad mind and narrow waist begin to change places.

But, what Cossman fails to tell us is this: Logic dictates that somewhere in this mutual migration, we are the same thickness all over for a brief moment. Thus, the concept of “Middle Age Spread” comes into play. At this juncture, all you can possibly do is maintain.

Drink beer. Lots of beer. Your mind will still be narrow, but as you lose control over the volume of your speech, you are labeled obnoxious, and no one listens to you anymore anyway. Your point of view is rendered irrelevant. And as your waistline expands, you have more surface area on which to balance the cheese doodles. Victory from the jaws of defeat.

your nature is skewed
from the way you’re always viewed.
two sides of your coin