Have the will to succeed and overcome obstacles

They say to “keep your nose to the grindstone.”  There’s a “stick-to-it” mentality that works hand in hand with the ability to achieve your goals. George Carlin once said, “Ya gotta wanna” to succeed. Do you wanna? Only you can determine if you have the gumption to attain the pinnacle. Are you driven? Write of the motivation pursuant to determination. “Never give up, never surrender!” ~Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen’s character in the movie Galaxy Quest) Keep on, keeping on and write your poem! 


My words are complete
-ly determined to not end
short of praising God.

© Marie Elena Good, 2019





Inklings of a thought
meant to flourish into something bigger.
The formula is time-worn!
A dash of inspiration,
a jigger of determination,
a teaspoon of perspiration
and a whole lot of time
for it to germinate and grow.
You know what you want to do,
now the rest is up to you succeeding.
Your cartoon is one light bulb too short
to be seen. But your ideas are driven,
they continue to feed your dreams. 

© Walter J Wojtanik – 2019



    A crow
    and a magpie
    each pulled at a dead doe,
    each determined that he would not
    let go.

  2. Crazy pursuit
    To the point of neglect
    Of daily living
    Oft unbalanced, no dispute
    Since we may have to disconnect

    Repeat until the next reward
    Missing important moments
    But pregnant with words
    Drive denies them entrance
    Until poems live

  3. Talent

    “If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.” ~ Criss Jami, Healology

    Don’t wait. You gotta start
    somewhere. Then, practice your
    music or writing or your art.
    You have talent galore.

    Know that you are smart
    so dig for something more.
    You have it in your soul and heart.
    Of that, you can be sure.


    The form is called ‘Short Measure,’ for the Poetic Bloomings prompt of ‘Determination.’

  4. A Demonstration of Determination

    I wish I possessed the same
    Determination as the small brown
    Sparrow that is building its nest
    In an old weathered birdhouse
    Nailed to the Chokecherry tree
    I watch from the kitchen window
    And each day the box holds more
    Of the materials it finds on the ground
    In and out, up and down,
    Twig by twig, it fills that house
    Until it almost overflows
    Until it is good enough to attract
    Some cheeky female flitting by

  5. This is more along the lines of a lack of determination.

    Palms Up

    Hands outstretched
    Palms up
    Waiting to be filled

    For they have been taught
    That they are entitled
    To that which is not theirs
    That they are worthy of
    That which they have not worked for
    That they have a right
    To take that which they please
    To fill their outstretched hands
    Palms up

    They understand not
    Nor do they care
    That that which will fill their hands
    Was bought and paid for
    By someone else’s sweat and blood

    Someone else that
    Used their hands
    To toil and labor
    For their own survival
    Only for others to take
    The fruits of their labors
    To give to the undeserving
    Who stand with outstretched hands
    Palms up

    The day will come when
    Those outstretched hands
    Palms up
    Will no longer be filled
    For many that provide
    Will tire of the toil
    They will just give up
    And step up beside those
    With outstretched hands
    Palms up

    Such will be the downfall
    Of all that is provided
    By the determination of the many
    That will one day be the few

    Such will be the outcome
    Of mindless, greedy leaders
    Spewing empty promises
    To fulfill their bloodthirsty quest
    For power over the masses

    But power corrupts
    And the corrupt will fall
    In the end they will cry
    These mindless, greedy fallen
    As they compete for handouts
    That no longer exist

    And they will stand
    With outstretched hands
    Palms up
    Waiting to be filled

    © 2019 Earl Parsons

  6. Spider Philosophy

    “Imagine what we would achieve if we had the spiders’ determination?” ~Elles Lohuis, The Little Guide to Setting Intentions

    Behold the wee but dogged arachnid.
    She spins, and then weaves her slender silk thread
    to make a strong web, so heaven forbid
    if like a fly, you were caught, you’d be dead.
    Determination is rarely placid
    or gentle: it shows strength of mind instead.
    So, be tenacious. Be a strider,
    And you will achieve, just like the spider.


    (The form is Ottava Rima.)

  7. Stick-to-it-ness

    I persevere.
    Keep on and on with grit.
    Dogged, persistent,
    I’m a writing musketeer.
    With goal in mind, I stick to it.

    What makes me continue like this?
    To keep going through the days?
    Why so resolute?
    Determined not to miss?
    I trust it pays.

  8. Joining

    Should join this poetry
    writing class. It is what
    I love to do. I wonder who
    else will be there. What if
    they are snooty? Local paper
    said, Open to All. It is not
    like I am under any obligation.
    I am going. I have the option
    to just listen, though we are
    asked to bring our poems.

    My heart pounds, stomach
    is queasy. I am uneasy. Walk
    in, sign in. Everyone is welcoming
    and friendly. Start to feel a bit
    more relaxed, until the group’s
    leader suggests that I read first.
    My voice is shaky, so I read
    quickly. I am asked to read again,
    more slowly. I pace myself. In
    this room of a library in Portland,
    Oregon, I became a member
    of a wonderful group
    for the next seven years.

  9. The writer stated

    Never surrender

    Like the little engine that could
    started out with
    I think I can, I think I can

    Through tunnels around hills
    through switchbacks and
    uphill and down

    I am that little train
    passing through tunnels
    skirting hills
    plugging along uphill
    sometimes coasting down
    into flat valleys and slowing down

    streaming into station
    banners waving
    there’s been some of that too

    And I remember the writer’s words
    to never give up

    Carolyn Wilker

  10. Trudging

    The tortoise
    Slow as it is
    Knew the finish line
    Was somewhere ahead
    So in tortoise fashion
    It trudged forward
    Flippers alternating
    With rhythmic consistency
    Never slower nor faster
    Flippers paced flawlessly
    Tracks spaced perfectly
    Not caring if it wins
    Only if it finishes
    Because finishing was
    The most important prize
    Finishing was
    The only prize

    © 2019 Earl Parsons

  11. Obedience
    C r u s h e s

    F i l l s

    G l e a n s

    E n s u r e s

  12. Where There’s Smoke

    A writer’s
    determination is
    smoke above a fire
    a rush of gas and ash
    and steam and molecules
    carried at first in rising heat
    from a heap of inspiration,
    then slowed by the combustion
    of every thought and notion.

    Fuel spent by the burn,
    smoke still drifts up,
    but only curls of calm
    from flickering flames.

    Then over pulsing embers,
    it wafts thin,
    in almost invisible vapors,
    dispersed by wind and air.

    Still there,
    unseen above
    a subtle wavering heat,
    it is but a glimmer of thought
    hovering over a glow—

    until a breeze,
    a gust,
    a gasp of idea,
    a heartbeat skipped,
    stirs the poets muse
    and smoke appears
    above a flame again,
    for it was never really gone.

    © Damon Dean, 2018

  13. Another word of support and satisfaction for the resurgence of Poetic Bloomings and our extraordinary poets. You all are rock stars in my eyes. I love how you all step up to the plate and hit home runs. Each. and. every. time! Thank you from the bottom of Marie’s and my heart. (Which I would think is an improvement over the heart of Marie’s and my…)

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