The sky’s the limit for this week’s highlighted poet in the POETIC BLOOMINGS READING ROOM. Damon Dean is a genuinely gifted poet whose expressiveness and point of view span the spectrum of life in a very keen way. His work is always a destination, whenever and whatever prompt is offered; you know the quality of work you will discover there. He continues to share his thoughts and splay his heart for the world to take a piece and be enlightened by it. Here I give you Damon Dean’s poem, “Rising”


Something rises in my heart
but then I know, not only heart,
but mind as well.

And then I know, it’s in my senses
too, and in the things I’ve known
as well as wondered,
and the blend of
no, not constrained, but trained,
by syllable and rhyme,
converge, sometimes
like ripples leaping rocks
or gasses from a geyser
or lava from a cone of porous stone,
or like the sigh of morning wind’s first breath
on tender meadow grass,
the early kiss that moves
dew drops to quiver–
and a poem appears.

And poems appear,
like nature’s voice
like commentary on the warmth
or judgment on the cold,
or tunes hummed by the middle seasons,
autumn, spring,
as if they were two grandmas holding
children in their laps,
and poems appear,
and like a kiss,
like lava from the heart
the poet feels
a satisfaction
in the rise.

And something settles in my heart,
but then I know, not only heart,
but mind as well.
A poem appears.

© Damon Dean


Read Damon Deans work at

An interview with Damon Dean by Marie Elena Good


  1. One of my all-time favorite poets!

    When I saw this magnificent piece was written in response to Prompt #219, I wondered how I could possibly not remember it. So I went back to the prompt, and realized I completely missed several of the posted poems — this one, included.

    Damon, your poetic voice is absolutely rich. I seldom read your poems just once. They beg another read, just for the sheer enjoyment of each. How blessed we are to count you among us, here.

  2. Damon, hopefully I will succeed in leaving a comment this time. (I’ve tried twice before, lol). I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comments on my poetry. These poems are stunning, but as a novelist, I can’t tell you how I admire the way you made your “setting” come alive! I was there in southeast Arkansas with you! I enjoyed to know you better.

    • Thanks Darlene, I am glad you enjoy the comments. We really benefit from one another’s thoughts here, such a wonderful thing about this garden. Now we’ve left southeast Arkansas and migrated to northeast Arkansas. Loving it here as we settle in.

  3. As with all our poets, my introduction serves as my comment, and the superlatives I offer fall short every time. But I appreciate your efforts, Damon, and am extremely pleased that you and all our poets choose to wordplay right here. Thank you all!

  4. Blushing….embarrassed I’ve just seen this now (tonight), and that I’ve been so absent in the last several prompts and gatherings. I’ve been a week at my daughter’s in Kansas City (helping key in data for her in her new job); getting settled more in the new home in northeast Arkansas before that, and before that a week east of Memphis helping my sis. My internet is not set up yet, so I’m connecting through phone when I do connect. So forgive my absence, please. I am back and home, and a delight to see all these wonderful comments.
    Back to writing, and reading MY favorite poets’ works in this garden. Thanks so much for the kind words, all of you.
    You encourage me, as you affirm my passion for feeling, thought, and heart that is so best shared through poetry and verse.

    • No apologies needed, Damon! We all get busy, that’s for sure. Not sure if you ever noticed, but I seldom get involved in our In-Form poet prompts. Walt’s ambition far outweighs my own … much to my embarrassment. 😉

      We’ll take your outstanding words anytime we can get them.

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